and tricks to help you remember. By: Michael Pope

Why i chose Mnemonics

Mnemonics interested me because personally i have difficulty remembering certain things and would like to find some tricks to help me remember things. This information about mnemonics would most likely help others by teaching them some tricks to hep them remember things, for example a student can use some of these tricks to help out studying.

Explaining Mnemonics

Mnemonics are devices to help us remember. These devices come in tons of varieties and flavours. There are different type of Mnemonics for different types of information.

Mnemonics "Research and Psychologist"

Mnemonics are any learning technique that helps remember information from the human memory. "Mnemonics aim to translate into a form that the brain can retain better than its original form." Short poems, acronyms, songs etc are examples of mnemonics. These help to change information that is abstract and impersonal into more "relatable".

The brains side of Mnemonics.

What is going on in the brain at this time: The brain is adding new pathways into the existing neural pathways.
information about parts of the brain failing and being used was available in my choice of research.

Other Interesting stuffs

There are many times of mnemonics for an example you can use acronyms. Have you ever heard of the acronym "Because" standing for "Big elephants an always understand small elephants.
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