united states

north america


Indigenous peaple lived in what is know called the united states for thousands of years and develped complex cultures before the Eurpean colonist begn to arrive,mostly in england in the 1600's.Jamestown was the first permanent english settlement in 1607.In 1619 the first african slaves were brought to jamestown .Final conflict in the ongoing struggle between the British and French for control of eastern North America.IN 1753 and1783 the revalution war was going and the ameRican won the war.

the economy and geography

manafuction is th most single importent of the american economy.the geography of the united states.The population of the united states is about 307,212,123 the capatal is washitan d.c.Theres alot of famous points of the united states like rivers, mountains, plains here is a few of them. Alot of peaple like to go to hawii Mount.Rushmoore theres other kind of sites everyone .