Indonesia and Japan

By: Adrian and Ayari


Both Indonesian and Japanese people use chopsticks. Indonesian and Japanese people have their own traditional food however Indonesian's traditional food is spicier than Japanese traditional food. Both Indonesian and Japanese people eats lots of rice.( Further explanation about eating rice is on geography)


Indonesia and Japan have their own traditional clothing. Both Japanese and Indonesian women use a long robe but in Japan, they called it Kimono meanwhile in Indonesia they call it kebaya. Indonesian kebaya have the head part that cover people's hair who wear it.


Both Indonesian and Japanese people have their own traditional language. However, Indonesian have more traditional language than Japanese do. Japanese traditional language is Hiragana, Kanji and Katakana. Indonesia have hundreds of traditional language while Japan only have three traditional language. Some of Indonesian traditional language is Betawi from Jakarta and Sunda from west java.


People in Indonesia and Japan enjoys to play soccer.In Indonesia, we play soccer in both indoor and outdoor which Japanese do too!. People in Indonesia sometimes play soccer in streets. we play soccer in streets because there is no field to play on. We both enjoy Japanese anime too!!


In Indonesia and Japan there is a lot of mountain. The most famous mountain in Japan is mount Fuji and the most famous mountain in Indonesia is Merapi and Krakatoa( which have disappear because of it's own explosion. That explosion have created a new mountain called anak krakatoa which literally means "the child of krakatoa")