All About Me!

Emma Danielle Norton

I am from West Jordan Utah where i lived for 9 years before moving to illinois.

I have 8 people in my family, we have two dogs, and I'm a middle child

I am currently 14, but will be 15 on 11/30/15

My favorite food is Olive Garden bread sticks because they are amazing!

"It is you who must make the effort. Masters only point the way." -Buddha

This is my favorite quote because I think it I very honest. We can't expect others to do all the work for us, we have to do our own work and get it done ourselves.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone comes in my room and doesnt shut the door all the way when they leave.

I have an Irish background on my mom's side and a german background on my dad's

My favorite place in the world is my room because no one else can go in there and bother me.