The Carbon Cycle

Why is it important?

Carbon Cycle

Carbon cycle is one of the cycle among Earth's atmosphere, ocean, ecosystem, and geosphere. There are other important cycle as well such as Water, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen Cycle. However, these cycle go through different process in order to achieve its own individual importance. Carbon cycle present how carbon dioxide gas (CO2) get release in the atmosphere.

Steps of Carbon Cycle

  1. Photosynthesis: Plants uses the energy in sunlight to convert CO2 and water to sugar and oxygen this process is called Photosynthesis.
  2. Respiration: Animals will soon eat the plants to obtain sugar for energy. Then, the animal breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide gas.
  3. Decomposition: The organism that consume the plants will soon die (decompose) then CO2 is release back into the atmosphere.

Human Disruption

We as humans has interfere with the carbon cycle for other needs. For example, fossil fuels are burn almost everyday in order to supply our transportation source (cars, airplanes, etc) and heat up our home. Deforestation is also a major way to disrupt the carbon cycle due to the amount of plants being taken down.


How many steps are there in the Carbon Cycle?