LeBron James

A Hero On and Off the Court

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LeBron Raymond James was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. When LeBron was growing up it was just him and his mother. His mother had to switch jobs and houses often. By the time he was five, they had moved seven times (Lebron James 2). Due to LeBron's rough upbringing, he missed large chunks of elementary school and had to live with a foster family for two years.

Lebron started his sport's career playing football. He was the running back for Bruce Kelker's rec team. Even with all his mother's financial issues, he still managed to play and very good. LeBron started playing Basketball when he moved in with the Walker Family. LeBron worked hard to improve his skills and you could tell he was.

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LeBron James was the youngest player in the history of the NBA to receive so much attention early in his career(LeBron James 1). He also led his team to the NBA Finals in 2012, earning him his first championship and third MVP Award. In January of 2013 he reached the milestone of 20,000 points, he was 28(LeBron James 5).
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Impact on Basketball

James was the youngest player in the history of the NBA to receive so much attention so early in his career. He also made history when he became the youngest NBA player to reach 20,000 points in 2013. In 2004, James became the youngest NBA player to score more than 40 points in a game.
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Impact Outside of Basketball

In 2005, LeBron started the LeBron James Family Foundation. He started off by giving away 1,000 backpacks full of school supplies to kids in his hometown and in Cleveland. The LeBron James Family Foundation is now giving away 4-year college scholarships to kids in his hometown who cannot afford to go to college. He is making them earn it though. Kids who qualify for the scholarship must keep up their grades and fulfill a community service requirement. LeBron is not only improving the life of the students, but also the University of Akron, the college he partnered the scholarships with, by bringing in more students and money.
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