Smart Sensors

Bringing change to classrooms!

My genius hour project question?

How can smart sensors be effectively integrated into classrooms?

What are smart sensors?

Smart sensors are small, inexpensive sensors that are built to detect the elements and conditions around us, including sound, motion, pressure, temperature, and more. Smart sensors can be attached to everyday objects to monitor their status. They can also communicate with mobile apps and tell the user what’s going on.

Are they useful?

Yes, smart sensors are extremely useful! They can provide valuable input to improve teaching and in learning. Not only do they give teachers an interesting alternative to do work, they also have a huge impact on how science and technology are taught in the classrooms. For example, you give a group of Kindergarteners a task of recording the temperature outside for a week to observe the changes. Instead of using a traditional thermometer, the students can now use a smart sensor to collect and analyze that data outside. This can produce more accurate results and make learning more exciting.

What was the most useful resource?

Twitter played a big role in a lot of my research! From twitter chats to educational professionals, I found so much useful information in everything I did. twitter definitely was one of my main sources for the development of my Genius Hour Project. There were so many educators that are willing to reach out and help and answer any questions I may have had.


I have learned so much about smart sensors throughout this time. I didn't even know they existed before I started this project and I definitely didn't know they could be used in classrooms. Not only are they useful tools for a class, but they also provide a unique way of learning. They break the tradition of old fashion gathering research, and make collecting data more fun and interesting for the students and the teachers. I know for a fact that one day, smart sensors can be the future technology of classrooms and they can really impact how educators can go about doing activities and projects.