Asia Current Event

By: Avery Bradley

Information about the article

Where: In Asia of the country of Russia.

Who: Hope for Tigers? Study finds their numbers could double by 2022.

When: April, 1,2016


Tigers information and Summary

Summary: When it was first proposed at a 2010 summit in Russia, the idea of doubling the numbers of tigers by 2022 seemed wildly ambitious – given the widespread habitat loss and poaching of the big kitty or cats. Within the last many years in Asia, the big cats have been decrease by 90% of the original amount of Tigers. They found most tigers' conservation landscapes were well intact. That is because the protection is pretty good, the people on the ground are protecting the core tiger reserves.

Importance of the Tiger article

What makes it important: They worry that Tigers decreasing in Russia can be very devastating and may lead to the extinction of them if they don't react.

Who it affects and How it affects them: It affects the tigers by their population by dramatically dropping their numbers thanks to hunting. How it affects them is if they go extinct, the food change can have a dramatic increase of different animals that tigers prey on.

Opinion: I think it is real sad to think that if a beautiful animal goes extinct thanks to stupid hunters or them poaching them, they don't know how this can affect the food change if a top predator goes extinct.