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Devy Tafoya - Library Media Specialist

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The library webpage contains everything that you need for resources. You will have access to the databases, online technology calendar, computer lab and/or technology request form and much more!

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Student Laptops

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who receives a laptop?

A: Every student at PHHS receives a laptop.

Q: How much do the parents have to pay for the laptop?

A: There will be a yearly $25 maintenance and usage fee

Q: How will the usage fee be applied?

A: The yearly usage fee collected from each student is to be used by the campus to support the laptop initiative. The funds will be used to purchase repair parts, as needed by district technicians when performing repairs. Should the need arise, additional laptops for student use may be ordered from this account as well.

Q: Is getting the laptop mandatory?

A: The laptop is as essential as a textbook and is regarded in the same context. The laptop is being provided to all students in our efforts to create a digital learning environment and teachers will be expecting students to use their laptops for assignments, research, and other learning activities.

Q: Who provides technology support to students on campus?

A: The campus classroom teachers and librarian will be provided with basic troubleshooting steps to guide students. Each high school has a computer maintenance teacher and designated students to serve as the first level of technical support for student laptops. If they are unable to resolve problems with the laptop, they will then refer the issue to district-level technicians.

For answers to more questions go to the DNA district webpage

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Mission: "The mission of the Pebble Hills High School Library Media Center is to support the school’s curriculum and to effectively serve the needs of those that are a part of the school by providing services that will enrich the lives of the individuals by helping them become effective users of ideas and information."

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