The biggest online social network in the whole world

A little bit about Facebook

Facebook is the biggest online social network in the whole world and its available in more then 70 different languages.

On Februery 4 , 2004 , when Mark Zuckerberg was a student on Harverd University , he invented "Facebook" with his college roommates : Eduardo Saverin , Andrew McCollum , Dustin Moskovits and Chris Hugnes.

at first , only Harverd students could join Facebook but on September 11 , 2006 , Facebook allowed everyone who was 13 years old and up to join Facebook.

The name of that network came from the eccepted name of the book that given to the students on their first year in colleges and universities. The book contains the students pictures for they get to know each other better. The name of that book is " Face Book".

What is Facebook and How Does it Work? A Brief Overview of the World's Largest Social Network

Network properties :

The network is characterized by vertual conection betwees people. Originally , the purpose of the network was vertual conection between students , however when the network was open for everyone , it's bacame to another way to communicate with family, freinds and more.

Using Facebook is free and the users creat self profiles that usually include self pictures and a list of research interests of the person that own the profile.

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The negative effecte of Facebook ...

Until now , we showed you the good side of Facebook , but there is a bad side too.

An example for that is identity theft : there are criminals who use Facebook in order to pretend to be someone else. After that , they use in the fake profile for their own needs like ask for donations or to schedule an appointments face to face that ends in a robbery , murder , terrorist acts and more.

according to Facebook , when someone from the users report about incident like that , they take care the case immediately.

In summery...

Facebook is a great communication network but you also need to know what the risks are and use it well and carefuly.