Subterra Colonius

Working together to create a new tomorrow


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A peaceful place to live

The Quittings are an event that we don't ever want to repeat. It happened 1602 years ago when most of the world evacuated, except for our brave Creators, who willingly stayed behind to make a brave new world underground. After 10 years of successful engineering and technological wonders, the Creators designed Subterra Colonius, our underground colony. We appreciate their hard work and team work that now holds our beloved city together. If we do not break the rules, then the Quittings will not happen again.

The Aboves were ravaged by wars, conflict and greed. You have no reason to be afraid of Subterra because it is secure and safe due to our devoted Soldiers. The Queen ensures that we all have food, water, clothing, and shelter. No one is left behind or forgotten.

Working together to create a new tomorrow

"That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

-Frederich Nietzsche

Dear Formicidae Sapiens, please know that being your queen is the most cherished thing that has ever happened to me. You are all civilized, polite, friendly and hard-working. As my successor, Princess Aurelie, will take over the throne, she will do the same job that I have done for you: make sure you are all being treated properly, earning your wages, and working hard together. Just remember that anything can come true we work towards our common goal: survival of our beloved community.

When wildfires and extreme heat destroyed the Aboves, we did not falter. When our fellow human beings left for another planet, we did not panic. We banded together; brother by brother, sister by sister. We founded our new home here, in Subterra Colonius. The strength of our colony is teamwork. Everyone contributes to Subterra and side by side, we defend our community. If one of us falls, we honour that fellow worker. Put some heart into our values. WE STAND UNITED AND PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO YOUR QUEEN AND COMMUNITY!

-The Queen Amber, Subterra Colonius

Rules that everyone has to follow:

  1. All members must contribute to the colony.
  2. You must wear your tracker at all times.
  3. Violence is not tolerated except in defense of the colony or the queen.
  4. Don't lie, steal or take more than you need.
  5. What belongs to one, belongs to all.

Should any law be broken, an according punishment shall be decided by the Queen.

The division of Subterra

Subterra is organized into 4 different groups. The first group is Royalty in which the Queen and her daughters are in. Then there are Drones, the male, specially skilled Formicidae Sapiens. Soldiers are also essential to the function of our community; they ensure that everyone is following the rules. Our last group are Workers, who fulfill the jobs of the community to maintain a beautiful underground colony. Everyone has an important role to play in the community.

The Queen's Outfit

This is what the Queen looks like. If you see her, you must bow down to her. The Queen has a special blue tracker, earrings that make phone calls, announcements, and can produce holograms, a necklace that enhances the senses, a silk dress made with lots of encrusted sagils, a velvet cape that lets her become invisible and enhances defence, and gloves that can punch opponents really far if threatened. The Queen has by far the fanciest and most luxurious outfit of everyone in Subterra.

Rules for Royalty



  1. Must produce healthy heirs.
  2. You can only have a relationship with the Alpha Drone.
  3. Retirement: When your successor reaches 16 years old, you go to the Place of Shining Golden Gates.


  1. You cannot have any relationship with any males until the Ceremony of the Culling, then you can only have a relationship with the Alpha Drone.
  2. You must try to become the only 16 year old by the next Ceremony of the Culling.
  3. Retirement: When your successor reaches 16 years old, you go to the Place of Shining Golden Gates.


The group of Royalty is composed of the Queen and her daughters. The Queen rules over all of Subterra Colonius. She commands the Soldiers and ensures peace throughout the community. A new Queen is chosen every 3 years at the Ceremony of the Culling. All of the princesses are sure to be beautiful, intelligent rulers because they are tutored by the best Teachers. Only one of the princesses can become the successor, so there must be only one girl left by the age of 16. As she works through her time as Queen, she will get the Alpha Drone, who becomes her mate and partner. She only has one job, but she has the most important job in Subterra Colonius, creating future Queens for our community.

Drone's Outfit

This is the typical outfit of a drone. Every Drone has a cape made out of RoboDragonFly wing material with an unique design, a satchel that carries food, medicine, books and tablets, a more technologically advanced Sword of the Colony, and a tracker. If you see a Drone, and you are a Worker, you must not interact with them unless told to.

Rules for Drones


  1. No fighting each other until the Ceremony of the Culling.
  2. Must attend the Elite Esikoleni Amakhono Ngabanye Academy for 12 hours each day and excel in all subjects: languages, science, art, mathematics and hand-to-hand combat.
  3. Retirement: When the Alpha Drone is named, all the other Drones go to the Place of Shining Golden Gates.


The Drones are composed of the 20 strongest males at birth. They all have special skills in fighting and have the best education of Subterra. Throughout their life, until the Ceremony of the Culling, Drones have a simple schedule to follow every day. At 6:00 a.m. sharp, all Drones attend 12 hours of Elite Esikoleni Amakhono Ngabanye Academy. By the end of each year, every Drone should be excelling in every subject such as languages, science, art, hand to hand combat, etc. After, Drones return to their Homesteads and do homework, eat dinner then go to sleep. At the Ceremony of the Culling, Drones fight to prove worthy of being the Alpha Drone. When the lucky Drone is chosen, the Drone becomes the new Queen's partner and stays with her until the next Ceremony.

Soldier's Outfit

This is the uniform of a Soldier. Soldiers have a visor that has x-ray vision, a special silk cape that lets the Soldier camouflage, special gloves that allow them to transmit enduring pain, a belt that contains weapons, food, water, and medicine, a tracker, and special combat boots that make them run faster and takes you to the Queen if she needs you. If you see a Soldier, salute her then carry on with your task.

Rules for Soldiers


  1. Laws must be enforced without leniency or mercy.
  2. Must attend at least 5 hours a day of combat training and maintain peak physical fitness.
  3. Retirement: When you lose 40% of your combat training battles, you go to the Place of Shining Golden Gates.


Soldiers are composed of the 50 strongest females. They are like the police of Subterra because they enforce the law. If you have broken the law, beware of these female soldiers. They will be on you even if you think no one saw you. Soldiers have assigned patrols that they must do, and also attend combat training to improve their defence skills to protect the community. All soldiers are the first to defend the community, but they are well-trained and are quite compatible. Subterra is safe under the hands of these females.

Outfit for Workers

This Worker is a Food Gatherer. She has a tracker, an tube that lets her inhale oxygen; to breathe in fresh air if she has to go near the Aboves, a vest to adjust to preferable body temperature, a bag to hold gathered food, boots for self-defence and to tread the ground, and pockets that hold Growmatic seeds (seeds that grow automatically).

Rules for Workers

  1. You must work until daily assignment is done.
  2. Hoarding or stealing resources will be punishable by law.
  3. You must teach your children your skills to ensure continuity or our colony.
  4. Retirement: When you are struggling to complete your job, you will go to the Place of Shining Golden Gates.


The rest of the unchosen population are Workers. Worker's assignments are told through trackers. They must complete the task before returning to their homestead. Subterra Colonius boasts a 0% unemployment rate. Each and every Worker has an assigned profession such as Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure Maintenance, Childcare, or Healthcare. Subterra has excellent job security, benefits, and retirement plans. With the most technologically advanced uniforms and equipment, as well as all the necessities to complete your job, you can complete your job to the best of your abilities. Subterra needs you! You are crucial to the function of our colony.


The Place of Shining Golden Gates are a place where everyone retires; the Queen, Drones, Soldiers and Workers. Here, everyone is treated equally and there are enough resources for everyone! There is delicious food, cozy shelters, cool technology and much more!


Saturday, Sep. 1st 3618 at 6pm to Tuesday, Sep. 4th 3618 at 6pm

Coliseum Colonius

The crowning of our new queen and the selection of her future Alpha Drone escort and mate will be made on this day. Fierce battles will determine the strongest drone of the colony. Following this exhilarating event, our new Queen will then be announced and our current Queen will hand over her crown and be escorted to the Place of Shining Golden Gates. Feasts, music, dancing and games for all!

Come by to help celebrate and cheer on our participants!



The Queen's Royal Jelly

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Our currency are gems from underground. They all have different values.

Blue Sagil: 100 doros

Ruby Lancka: 60 doros

Gold Topial: 50 doros

Silver Shinge: 40 doros

Emerald Gingz: 35 doros

Aquamarine Laozi: 25 doros

Pinkle Trifold: 10 doros

Diamond Penta: 5 doros

Pink Losgah: 1 doro

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