Jacques Cartier

By: Ellise and Megan

Starting the search for the Northwest passage

In the early 1500's, France decided to find a short route to the Indies. They called this route the Northwest Passage and in 1534 a Frenchman named Jacques Cartier set off from St. Malo, France, to find the passage. He had 2 ships and on them were a crew of 62 men. When he was all ready, Cartier headed northwest.

Finding land for France

Cartier reached Newfoundland and went around it to Labrador. On land, he found an unclaimed area for France. He called the area New France.

What Cartier did

Setting up a colony

Later a new French king gave Cartier money to set up a colony in the new country. After he set up the colony it failed because of the freezing weather.