The Fault in Our Stars

By: John Green


The fault in our stars is about a 16 years old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. Hazel was young when the doctors discovered her thyroid cancer and they didn't expect her to live long. The doctors tested an experimental drug on Hazel called Phalanxifor, which slowed down her cancer and helped her regain some strength. Hazel attends a church support group for cancer survivors and she meets a boy that is one year older than her, Augustus Waters. Augustus had osteosarcoma and it caused him to losing his leg and to wear a prosthetic. The first time Hazel and Augustus spent the afternoon together they exchange their favorite books. Hazel's favorite book was called An Imperial Affliction and her one dream was to meet the author, Peter Van Houten. Augustus and Hazel bond over the book because both of them have a burning desire to find out how the story ends because the author stops the book in dead sentence before telling what happens to each of the characters. Augustus used his “last dying wish” to fly Hazel all the way to Amsterdam to meet the famous Peter Van Houten, only to find out he's not a very nice person. While Hazel is the one that is doomed to die, Augustus ends up telling Hazel that at his recent doctors appointment his body scan lit up like a Christmas tree and the doctors discovered that his entire body is filled with cancer. Hazel spends the last months of Augustus's life caring for him and loving him.

What I like about the book

I like how The Fault in Our Stars isn't like any other ordinary book. I feel like if The Fault in Our Stars was like any other book Hazel would have been the one to die before Augustus, but that wasn't the case. I found that the book was very relatable in certain scenes and it was always unpredictable and kept you on your toes. I also like how they made the book as similar to the movie as possible without cutting as many major scenes. During the movie, Hazel said that she didn't want hers and Augustus's relationship to move forward because she said she was a grenade and I like how Hazel was compassionate an didn't want to hurt Augustus's feelings. Even though Augustus turned out to be the real grenade.

What I would change about the book

In An Imperial Affliction the book ends in the middle of sentence and left Hazel with a lot of unanswered questions. I feel like at the end of The Fault in Our Stars it left me feeling like i had a lot of unanswered questions, for Example; what happened to Hazel or her parents etc. I didn't like how they didn't mention what happened to Isaac after his surgery or if him and Hazel became best friends and helped each other cope through the journey of Augustus being sick.

Main Characters


Hazel Grace is a 16 year old collage girl with thyroid cancer. She was diagnosed at 13 and is an only child. Hazel doesn't have many friends and would much rather the company of books. Hazel falls in love with Augustus and doesn't want a relationship because she wants to minimize the casualties.


Augustus Waters is a 17 year old former basketball star who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Due to Augustus's previous cancer he ended up loosing his right leg. Augustus falls in love with Hazel and he uses his only wish from the Genies to bring himself and Hazel to Amsterdam to meet the famous Peter Van Houten.


Isaac is Augustus's best friend and he was diagnosed with eye cancer which eventually led up to him getting surgery to remove both his eyes. Isaac was dating a girl named Monica, but when she dumped him right before he went blind Hazel and Augustus help and supported him though the tough times.

Peter Van Houten

Peter Van Houten wrote the book called An Imperial Affliction. The book was based off the death of his daughter and after he wrote the book he became an alcoholic and refused to answer any question Hazel or Augustus asked after they flew all the way to Amsterdam to meet him.

By: Brooklyn Hall

June 9, 2015
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