Greetings John Tuck Families

It has been an awesome start to 2022 overall at John Tuck. We are currently focusing on high levels of instructional engagement, practicing and learning what kindness looks like, as well as getting a "temperature check" on student's math and reading growth through our winter assessments. We know that there is a current wave of illness rolling through and we are committed to doing all we can to ensure students stay at school. In addition to the illnesses, we have seen an uptick in students being absent from school for other reasons. I highly encourage you to prioritize school for your students as missing school results in lagging skills and students falling behind. Please try and schedule appointments and vacations outside of the school time as much as possible. Our students have already missed so much education over the past couple of years and we are seeing larger gaps in learning than ever before. We want and need them here at John Tuck every day in order to help close the gaps!

A big thank you to our Parent Teacher Organization who has been working hard to provide Student Store services as well as plan other upcoming events for our students!

Make it a great month Tornados!

Yours in Service,

Dusty Porter


Gylling’s Greeting

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This month….John Tuck is participating in a Kindness Challenge!

That’s right. John Tuck students will be participating in The Great Kindness Challenge the week of January 24th-28th. This is a world-wide event that students of all ages will be participating in! This challenge has been going on for 10 years now as a way to help spread kindness to each other in our schools and community. The goal during the week is to perform as many acts of kindness as possible. With the help of a checklist, students will mark off all the ways they’re working to spread kindness: to classmates, staff and other family members. All students that complete the kindness checklist will receive a special prize.

You can participate at home too! Check out this video to get ideas, then download the Family Edition Version and help your child(ren) spread kindness throughout Central Oregon!

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Message from OSU Extension

Start the new year with a health goal: build active lifestyle habits with your family. Doing physical activity as a family can create life-long habits, build connections, and help maintain other health goals. Here are a few ideas to get started!

  • Make your own fitness ball by writing different exercises onto the panels of a beach ball. Follow the link for instructions.
  • Add music to your workout routine. This can be a simple 5-minute dance party with high tempo (120-140 beats per minute) songs.
  • Go for a walk, jog, or bike ride as a family
  • Choose a few self-care activities that can be shared with the whole family during February - American Heart Health month! Self-care is what you do to keep yourself healthy. For example:
  • Cook a heart healthy meal that has whole grain, high-fiber, and/or low-fat ingredients. Try our Rice Bowl Breakfast with Fruit and Nuts! Have kids help choose some toppings and help wash, mix, or slice ingredients depending on their age and ability.
  • Spend 30 minutes doing physical activity with your child. Children should aim for 60-minutes of physical activity each day.
  • Get plenty of sleep
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