Ed Higgins White

"I'm coming back in, and its the saddest moment in my life."


Born : November 14 1930. Died: January 27 1967 he died in training when the spacecraft they were going to be in when they got back from space caught fire under Gus Grissom's seat causing them all to die in 30 seconds.

Mission Summary

First person from the U.S. to walk in space. Missions were Gemini 4 and Apollo 1.Ed White floated around in space for 23 minutes. Gemini four started in 1965 on January 3rd and Apollo one started in 1967 February 27th (Planned) but was blown up that day. Died in training with Gus Grissom and Roger B. Chaffee.

Gemini 4

Gemini 4 was a 4 day trip, they orbited the Earth 62 times. The mission was to test the performance of the astronauts and capsule and to evaluate, schedules, and flight planning for an extended time in space.

Apollo 1

In Apollo 1 training 3 astronauts died before the launch day, because under Gus Grissom's seat in the capsule there were some untied cords causing under his seat to catch fire causing them all to die in 30 seconds.