All About Me!

Lakshmeet Sidhu

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A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Lakshmeet. I am 15 years old. Art is my way of expressing myself. When I'm doing art, time passes by super fast. During my free time I love going outside. I always feel like i'm missing out on something when I stay inside for too long. I love going for walks and playing sports with my friends. I enjoy playing basketball and baseball with my neighbours during the summer. My favourite sport is badminton however I also love swimming (even though i'm not the best swimmer). I'm the oldest child in my family. I'm an honours student but I like to kick back and relax with my friends and family. I love going on adventures and trying new things. I also love making people smile and seeing other people happy, so that's why you'll always see a smile on my face! :)

My Timeline

April 7, 2016

This picture was taken on one of the funnest and most greatest days of my life. On April 7, 2016 the schools badminton team went for the ROOPSA qualifying tournament in Bolton. We were one of the first teams to get there and one of the last teams to leave. While waiting for our turns we all hung out together and go to know one another. Even though I didn't know half the people on the team, by the end of the tournament we were all like family. Everyone was super encouraging and supportive. We had a great time joking around and just hanging out for 8 hours. I had a blast versing new people from different schools. All the people I competed against for Female Singles were really nice. I came in fifth place for Female singles which was amazing for my first time ever playing on a sports team! Unfortunatley I didn't get to qualify for ROOPSA but the experience was one that I wouldn't trade for anything. Practing and playing with the team after everyone had left was a blast. Taking a taxi ride and socializing with the taxi driver was something I'd never done before. It was a day filled with firsts.

My Favourite Things


My favourite sport is badminton. I grew up playing badminton with my family. My aunt always kept badminton rackets and birdies in car so, during family barbecues or outings our families would have a friendly badminton match. It was always fun versing the adults because they were always really good at the game. When I first started playing, I wasn't very good but I never felt pressured to be better. I was just got better as time went on. Eventually, I became pretty good at the sport and it became my favourite sport. I feel like the reason I began to love badminton so much was because it wasn't a very popular sport among others in my grade so there was never much pressure to be better than others. Badminton was just a sport that I played for fun and a sport that I can still play for fun without feeling that i'm not good enough. Over the years, I've actually met a lot of great badminton players, some who are way better than me. But all of these players have been super supportive and they have taught me what they know so that we can all have fun playing the sport together without being afraid of messing up.


My favourite fast food restaurant is Subway. I love subway because it is much healthier food options than a majority of other fast food restaurants. At subway I have more options to choose from and I can customize my sub to my liking. I can choose the type of bread I want, the type of meat i want and the toppings that go inside my sub. You usually cannot customize your food at other fast food restaurants. Another reason I prefer Subway over other fast food restaurants is because at the subway, the employee is responsible for making the food in front you. This way you can see how the food is prepared and you know what is being put in your food. At restaurants like McDonald's its hard to tell how the food is being prepared barbecue we often can't see into the kitchen. Subway food is also worth its value. It is filling and delicious. Especially, Subway cookies which taste amazing!.
Watching Old TV Shows
Some of my favourite TV shows are 1990's shows that I used to watch as a kid. Growing up, some of my favourtie 1990's shows were Teletubbies, Care Bears, Arthur, Recess and Crazy Quilt. These were shows that I would watch after school and sometimes even stay up to watch at night. They all had good story lines and great messages unlike a lot of the shows that come on now. Every time a show like Arthur comes on, I sit down and watch it. Watch childhood shows brings back lots of great childhood memories like dancing to the theme song of care bears with my cousin, or making my parents stay up until 12 pm so I could watch an episode of crazy quilt. Even now, the shows I love watching aren't all from the twenty first century. I like watching shows like Boy Meets World and Fresh Prince of Bellair. There is something about old shows that show's today just don't have and that is why watching old TV shows is one of my favourite things to do.

My Leadership Style

The leadership style I possess is that of a persuader. I am a persuader because during group discussions I often encourage others to participate. When splitting up tasks among group members I look at everyone's strengths. By assessing everyone's strengths I suggest roles for each group member. I try to convince my group members into taking on roles that they have strengths in so that we can finish our assignments to the best of our ability. I listen to other group members and try to make decisions accordingly. I think the best group results are obtained when everyone is happy to do their share of the work and when they feel like their ideas are valued. Overall, when I have a good idea, I like convincing my group members that my idea is the best because I like taking lead and turning my visions into reality. All in all, my actions best resemble those of a persuader.

My Influences

There are many important people in my life who influence the things I do. Some of my main influences are my family and my friends. My family has shaped me into the person I am today. My parents have taught how to be responsible, respectful, hardworking and giving. They have taught me all I need to know about life while guiding me through all the obstacles that I come across. My cousins have taught me the importance of being kind to others. My brother has taught be the importance of having fun. My friends have always encouraged me to do better. I value my friends as much as I value my family. All of my best friends are hard working people just like me. My friends have priorities and they've never pressured me into doing something I'm not comfortable with. They always listen to me and help me with my issues. Around my friends, I can be myself while pushing myself to do better because I know all my friends are going to do great things. Without these people in my life I would be lost and I probably wouldn't be the well rounded and fun loving person I am today.

My Role Model

A role model is someone you look up to. My role model is my older cousin Navleen. My cousin and I have a special bond. My cousin and I talk about things that we don't always feel comfortable sharing with others who are close to us. My cousin tells me about things going on in her life and I tell her about things going on in mine. I enjoy listening to stories about things she has experinced because they inspire me to go out and try new things. I look up to my cousin because she is a hard working but fun loving individual. My cousin is my role model because she is really good at managing her time and that is something I struggle to do. My cousin is only 2 years older than me and she works 2 jobs, got into 4 out 5 of the universities she applied to and she still spends tons of time with her family and friends. My cousin doesn't stress out about small things, instead she tries to make the best of them. My cousin is also very persistent and works hard to get what she wants. This is the type of person I strive to be. Growing up with my cousin and seeing the successful women she has turned out to be is amazing and it only pushes me to work harder so I can be like her.