Schaffer's Snippets

April Newsletter

Dive in to Learing!

Did you know that we know less about some parts of the ocean than we do about the moon? Amazing but true. The ocean is an amazing place. The learning we did in the classroom really prepared us for our trip. We learned so much at the New Jersey Aquarium. We had a great time and got to touch a shark, and stingrays too. The exhibits were a great way to finish up the learning we started in class. We think the ocean is a special place filled with incredible habitats and animals.

Ocean Experiment

What do eggs and salt water have to do with teaching about buoyancy? Plenty! The students were shone and got to predict what an egg would do when placed in water. Then we did the experiment. The students got to see that the salt water was denser and the egg was able to float.

Open House

We are sure excited for you to see our jellyfish, sharks, and seahorses to name a few. Did you ever wonder who would win a fight a shark or a killer whale? No, you won't discover all that at the aquarium but right here at Tatem on Thursday, April 10th for Open House. There will be so much to see! Please stop by the classroom...just look for some familiar divers.

Books 1 Schaffer Loves

We have read Nate The Great and think he is hysterical! We read Owl Moon and love the poetic way Jane Yolen writes. We read Lulu Walks the Dog and think she is so smart and funny. Now we are reading Charlotte's Web and can't imagine a more exciting Barnyard.

Math Work and Fun!

We have been working quite a bit on our addition and subtraction facts to acquire FACT POWER! To do this we have been writing out problems, playing games, and quizzing one another with our fact triangles. We have also been doing quite a bit of problem solving as well. We now know how many raisins come in a 1/2 ounce box and predicted how many would come in a 1 ounce box. We have also been practicing different strategies to solve word problems and are becoming aces at solving problems.

Our Fifth Grade Buddies

We met with Mrs. Dugan's class to share our stories. We felt so proud reading to them and it was good practice too! The said our stories were interesting and fun to hear. This has been such a meaningful relationship for Mrs. Dugan's class and ours. The students can't wait to get together with their buddies and are always asking when we will get together again!