SIM/CLC at Paredes Middle School

An overview for new teachers

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CLC Why Focus on Adolescent Literacy Mobile
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What is RaiseUp Texas?


Approach to

Instruction for


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➢Build deep conceptual learning and critical thinking skills for all students;

“Learn how to learn” by using SIM (Strategic Instructional Model) strategies.

➢All classrooms, all subjects, all teachers

➢With integrated, individualized interventions and supports for all struggling students

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Where did SIM come from?

The Strategic Instruction Model was developed by the Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL) at the University of Kansas in 1978. The KUCRL has developed practical classroom-centered programs to improve the learning and performance of youth.

KUCRL Mission: Dramatically improve the performance of at-risk students through research-validated instructional practices.

SIM Content Literacy Continum

The Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) Content Literacy Continuum (CLC) focuses on helping secondary schools develop and sustain comprehensive and integrated literacy programs. This school improvement process is led by a SIM Implementation Team with extensive experience in secondary literacy. The team works with administrators, teachers, and staff to develop and implement a standards-based plan to improve literacy and content area learning tied to student performance on state assessments.


Group Activity

As we watch the video again, complete the SIM CLC FRAME.
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Level One - Enhanced Instruction

Content Enhancement Routines, like the Unit Organizer and FRAME, are used in all classrooms to deliver content.

Level Two - Embedded Strategy Instruction

A learning strategy (from Level Three), such as the INFER strategy, is used throughout the school to improve literacy for all students.

Level Three - Intensive Strategy Instruction

Learning Strategies classes designed to improve literacy for students reading below grade level.

Level Four - Intensive Basic Skill Instruction

A phonics based program developed for students with decoding deficiencies to build foundation literacy skills. (For students reading below a fourth grade level.)

Level Five - Therapeutic Intervention

Language-sensitive instruction or clinical intervention delivered by speech-language pathologists.
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Find your Summer Partner and answer the extension. 2 minutes

Then find your Winter Partner and share out your responses. 2 minutes

2 Minute Countdown Timer

FRAME Linking Steps

F - Focus on the Topic

R - Reveal the Main Idea

A - Analyze the Details

M - Make a So What Statement

E - Extend your learning

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Floating: Expanded Map under FRAME

With your Fall Partner, fill in the two sections under FRAME on the back of the UO.
Countdown timer 2 minutes

SIM at Paredes

Two Components of SIM at Paredes:

  • Learning Strategies
  • Content Enhancement Routines (CERs)

Learning Strategies

Learning strategy instruction focuses on making the students more active learners by teaching them how to learn and how to use what they have learned to solve problems and be successful.

In the 2015-2016 school year, Paredes had three classes dedicated to Learning Strategies as well as implementing a learning strategy in our 8th grade advisories. The average increase of scores was 22% in the learning strategies classes in 2016.

In the 2016-2017 school year, Paredes will have 10 Learning Strategies classes.

These strategies fall under Level 4 of the SIM Content Literacy Continuum.

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Content Enhancement Routines (CERs)

Content Enhancement Routines are used by all teachers to teach curriculum content to academically diverse classes in ways that all students can understand and remember key information. Content Enhancement is an instructional method that relies on using powerful teaching devices to organize and present curriculum content in an understandable and easy-to-learn manner.

These strategies fall under Level One of the CLC.

For the 2016-2017 School Year, Paredes will use four CERs:

  1. Unit Organizer - introduced in August of 2015
  2. FRAME - introduced in October of 2015
  3. LINCs Vocabulary - introduced in August of 2016
  4. Content Comparison Routine - introduced in October of 2016

Teachers use the SMARTER Planning Process to select the appropriate routines to enhance student learning.

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Unit Organizer

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Concept Comparison Routine

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Paredes Success with SIM in 2015-2016

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Unit Organizer Training

Tie Up/Review

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