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Everything about fic

When you get the prefix fic it will always be your buddy. It will always to with you and listen to whatever you say. Fic is unique from the other prefixes, because it can shapeshift to whatever you want it to look like. It can also do fictional thing possible and impossible. Fic can do your homework. You can change him to a robot and make yourself get a hundred without you doing anything. If you want to compare this to anything it will be something extraordinary, something awesome, something big. Something like ditto. Ditto can transform to anything and everything it sees. Both of them will be your buddy and both are awesome, but ditto is in the video games, and fic is in real life. You can actually benefit from fic, but will addicted if you play with ditto. You will be more slothful if you play with ditto, but more active with fic. Fic is the best thing you can have. It can't die, never, not for a 100 years, but there is one thing that can kill it. Water. Just one drop, just one, then fic will disappear.


Once upon a time there was who bought fic. He was least popular person in his middle school, but fic changed the whole story. He became the most popular person in the school. He brought fic to school and showed off all his talents. He mane fic invisible to all the teachers and staff, so he won't get in trouble.

Not real

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Target audience

The audience to fic is children to teen. Teens will buy it to escape homework and to look cool. Children will buy fic to have as a buddy and also look cool.


The only problem is, is that fix costs $1000000000000. To make you more comforted we will give you a50% discount which makes the cost only $ 500000000000. Be the first to buy fic.