Lion's Roar

September 22nd ,2015

"Be" words for Pre-K,Kinder & 1st grade teams!

Be confident- Maricela Arreguin

Be positive- Martha Farr

Be optimistic- Caitlyn Dickson

Be confident- Luz Sanchez

Be organized- Sally Willburn

Be innovative- Susan Walker

Be focused- Rosa Zamora

Upcoming Dates @ W.T.

  • Sept. 23rd Sciecne lab closed for new tables and stools to be set up.
  • Sept. 23rd Newland, Perry, Norman, & Shoulders OUT Merritt Dobecka will be here as the administrator.
  • Sept. 24th Newland & Perry Out Merritt Dobecka will be here as the administrator.
  • Sept. 25th- 12:10 Early Release- Follow regular specials schedule for AM
  • Sept. 28th- RTI during conf times
  • Sept. 28th- Staff Meeting in Science Lab- EA's,P.E.,Music don't need to attend
  • Sept. 29th - MP @ District Meeting
  • Sept.29th & 30th- Vision & Hearing screening
  • Sept. 30th Dr. Clark, David Holland & Jaime Smith to Visit W.T. classrooms
  • Oct. 1st -Sonic Day
  • Oct. 2nd- End of Six Weeks

Friday lunch schedule- Sept, 25th Early release day

Please follow schedule below. Pick up lunches at scheduled time and eat in classrooms.

Half Day Lunch Schedule

LOL Team Leaders

LOL members are grade level team leaders. They are the campus instructional leaders. I filter information of best practices, district vision for leanring and discuss details of how we will carry out new initiatives. We collaborate on ways to help our Lions reach their greatest potential! Below are the minutes from this week's meeting.


Happy Birthday!!!

September 23rd

Mrs. Francisco

September 25th

Mr. Thomas

September 30th

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Ocampo

District Information

  • Safe Schools Training Online due October 9th
  • 6 hour Gifted Training Update due by December 31st

Staff Reminders

  • If you have computer lab on Friday you might need to get with McKee to tweak your times since its half day:)
  • If you ever need assistance with parent conferences we have two District Parent Liaisons that can translate Annie Vu (Vietnamese) & Sara Tovar (Spanish). You may e-mail them directly for help!
  • RTI has been moved to Monday, Sept. 28th bring data to support your Tier placement
  • Science lab tables will be delivered by Wed. Sept. 22nd so lab needs to close.
  • Last Call for tables and chairs. We have 3 rectangle tables and 10 large maroon plastic chairs for whoever needs them. Just let Mr. Thomas know.
  • Science and Math charts are coming soon to post outside your door!

Be Safe!!!!!

  • I am finding more and more doors unlocked as I visit classrooms. It is district policy that all classroom doors stayed locked at all times.
  • Students should not borrow keys or badge to open doors for you or run errands unless an adult is watching them as they walk to unlock a door for a student entering the building.


  • Kinder & 1st grade for doing a great job at last night's curriculum night!
  • Mrs. Wolfe rescued a chihuahua and called animal control.

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