Maelynn May


Grasslands are found in EVERY continent except in Antarctica. The most important biome in the Grasslands is the grasses. Most people that live in the Grasslands region sometimes use the rich soil to farm with. The temperate grasslands have some of the darkest/richest soils in the world, but not as wealth or money, but in nutrients.


Grassland biomes are large, rolling terrains of grass, flowers and herbs. Grasslands usually have a little bit of trees or none. There are two different types of grasslands tall-grass, which are humid and very wet, and short-grass, which are dry, with hotter summers and colder winters than the tall-grass prairie.


In the biome grasslands the weather are vary greatly between summer and winter. Summer in the grasslands are very hot and in the winters they are very cold. Sometimes the temperature is above 100F. Rain in the grasslands usually comes around in the late spring and early summer.


Between 10 and 20 inches of precipitation each year. Most of this falls as snow and leaving moisture for the beginning of the growing season. The grasslands climate is in mid-latitude zone.


If you travel west and approached the Rocky Mountain the grass becomes shorter. It rans not that often and very humid. Less rain in the summer and got colder in the winter. These are the short-grass prairies.

Bodies of water

In the temperate grasslands the rainfall per year ranges about from 10-30 inches. In tropical and sub-tropical grasslands the rainfall per year ranges about from 25-60 inches per year The amount of rainfall is very important in determining which areas are grasslands because it's hard for trees to compete with grasses in places where the uppers layers of soil are moist during part of the year but where deeper layer of soil are always dry.


In the temperate grasslands in North America there are bison, antelope, birds, gophers, prairie dogs, coyotes, and insects. There's a lack of shelter from predators. The temperate grasslands do not have much animal diversity.


Some of plant life on the North American prairie are Buffalo Grass, Sunflower, Crazy Weed, Asters, Blazing Stars, Coneflowers, Goldenrods, Clover, and Wild Indigos. Popular flowers found on the North American prairie are Asters, Blazing Stars, Goldenrods, Sunflowers, clovers, and Wild Indigos.

Islands and Canyons

The Amsterdam and the Saint - Paul Island is in the temperate grasslands. The Comache Nations Grassland is a canyon.

Catastrophic Events

The soil of most of grasslands is also too thin and dry for trees to survive.