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Hey Shark Family!

I am Lauryn Jackson, your Restorative Practices Coordinator. Lets be honest, this year is going to be very different, but there is nothing we can't accomplish together. With that being said, it is imperative that we put an emphasis on building meaningful relationships. Restorative Practices gives us the platform to promote relationship building, inclusiveness, equity, and problem-solving through collaborative community-owned processes. Through Restorative Practices, we become the cultural architects charged with creating the campus we ALL want to be in COMMUNITY with. I am excited to be in COMMUNITY with you!!!

Mrs Jackson Restorative Coordinator
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Restorative Practices...

...acknowledges that relationships are central to building community.

...builds systems that address misbehavior and harm in a way that strengthens relationships. everyone a voice

...engages in collaboration

...empowers change and growth

...enhances responsibility


Circles can serve as a powerful structure in the realm of relationship-building, strengthening relationships, maintaining relationships, and even teaching content. Circles allow us to explore the sometimes unfamiliar territory of respect, motivation, self-reflection and accountability. Circles can be used in a variety of context.

To schedule a circle hit the link below.

Restorative Ambassadors & Campus Diversity Committee

It takes a community to impact change. A sense of belonging in a healthy community promotes learning, cooperative functions, and personal growth which are important elements of school success. When we belong we have an investment in the success of the group and in the well-being of its members. As a Restorative Ambassador or member of the Diversity Committee, you are signing up to take the charge in becoming the Cultural and Social Architects on our campus. You are committing to creating and establishing a climate within our community that fosters equity and belonging.

If you are interested in becoming a Restorative Ambassador or a member of the Smith Diversity Crew please click the link below and fill out the form.

Virtual Success

Even though this is different, SUCCESS is still possible!!!

Restorative lessons that target Social and Emotional needs will be posted shortly.

Restorative Referral Form

Before you choose to write an office referral make sure you have taken every possible measure you can to ensure the Teacher/Student relationship isn't compromised. Lets try to repair the harm that has been caused together. Fill out the restorative referral form in an effort to ensure we can MAINTAIN the relationships you have worked hard to build with your students.

Restorative Practice Coordinator

Lauryn Jackson