Ha Long Bay

by Jacob Tyrrell

Infromation on Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, can be found to the north-east Vietnam. The bay covers an estimated area of 1,553km2. It is such a popular tourist attraction

because it's a World Heritage Site and just because of its looks. It became a World Heritage Site so that people couldnt destroy Ha Long Bays beautiful landscape an d wildlife.


Ha Long Bay has an extremely unique ecosystem. The area contains many different land and sea species, some of these species are extremely endangered. Ha long bay is connected to five main river systems, they are The Mip, The Troi, The Man, The Dien Vong, The Mong Duong. All of these rivers are connected too the bay. Ha long bay has many stone islands and cave systems which are throughout the bay.


Since Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage Listed site, it is very popular with tourists from all around the world. There are plenty of places to stay which are close to the bay which makes it extremely easy to access . The mainland of the surrounding area is heavily populated, so if you dont want to stay there you can spend a few nights on a boat which cruises around the area.


Ha Long Bay was first inscribed in the World Heritage List in 1994, and natural criteria was further added too this in 2000, which meant that they couldnt chnage the boundaries for Ha Long Bay. Over the years many different people and cultures have lived here these include the French and Chinese. Many cultural bliefs say that the physical landscape was formed by Dragons.


Another reason which the bay is such a popular tourist destination is because of the climate that it is in and because of the natural landscape. The area is heavily dependent on tourism and their extremely sucessful fishing industry.


How did the landscape form?
Why is it home to so many animals?
How did people find it?
What if it never became a World Heritage Site?
What if no one had ever found it?
What if the area wasnt accessible?

how did the older cultures get to the bay?
why did so many cultures live here?
why is the bay so historic?
what if there are other legends on how the area was formed?
what if other cultures had lived here would they still believe the same thing?
what if no one ever found the bay?

why is it so popular?
how did tourists first find the area?
why are you allowed to stay on the bay?
what if it was illegal too stay on the bay?
what if the mainland wasnt heavily populated?
what if it wasnt World Heritage Listed?

how did tourism first reach here?
why is the area reliant on tourism?
how did the area become so poluar?
what if the area was poor, would people still travel there?
what if the area wasnt popular?
what if the area had no resources?


through this project i learned that, Ha Long Bay is in Vietnam, that the area is Heritage listed, that the area is heavily dependant on tourism and fishing, that you can stay on a boat and cruise on the bay, but most important why it is so important that we do have places like these heritage listed so we protect them.