Star cactus

Erionna jones

Endangered species

Usually, the star cactus is a tiny, boneless type of cactus that generally represents the Sand Dollar Cactus, which is one of the primary typical names of the star cactus.The color of a typical star cactus is brown or light green, along with certain dotted spots because of the layering of small white scales on it. The plant is usually separated into eight triangular portions, in which each core line of the separated portions of globular serrations is occupied with certain whitish wooly tresses.

Bloom Time:
Mid Spring
Late Spring/Early Summer
Mid Summer

Sun Exposure:
Sun to Partial Shade
Light Shade
Partial to Full Shade

under 6 in. (15 cm)


Traditionally, the origination of star cactus comes from and Starr Countries in Southern Texas region.Star cactus grows on sparsely vegetated areas in gravelly, saline clays or loams at low elevations in the Rio Grande Plains.