Knowledge of Roman Society

By: Pamela See and Daniella Marinello

Roman Justice

Romans have justice as well. For example, Natural laws give every citizen rights. In addition, Judges make their court decisions from trials and evidence to make it fair and the Romans are connected to life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness.

Roman Citizenship

Citizenship belonged to all free, law-abiding people. Romans have lots of rights in Rome when they are citizens. For example, Rome citizens have the rights to vote and the rights to hold civil and/or government offices. In addition, they also had the rights to own property, write contracts, and had the rights to go to court.


The Laws of Rome


Inheritance - what family gets when a member dies

Contracts between people

Punishments for Breaking the Laws

Fines - pay money


Banishment - have to leave Rome


Execution if guilty of treason

Patricide - killing your father, was punishment by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten, harder work,nor often crucified

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