Touch Base: Parents/Teachers

First Annual Touch Base Program. What did we learn?

80 teachers participated in Touchbase. Only 51 participated in survey.

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Gauging the climate of the conferences.

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Concern: Not all parents stuck to the 3-5 minute rule

How many parents came?

Please keep in mind, this data is not taking into account the physical number of parents that were here, since more than likely only one of them signed in for the family.

Who used a Translator?

Some of the feedback that I heard is that we need more translators. I agree, but translators are tough to come by, but we can certainly try to implement more in the program or look for other ways that we can have more staff available who speak other languages.
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Who called for Assistance?

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There are some good ideas here. What I have heard from a few folks is that it went well overall. Organization was good, etc.

Considering it that was our first time, a small window to organize it and advertising to the community was within a small window, it was a pretty decent turn out.

In some cases you didn't get to see the parents that needed to come. Perhaps with sufficient notice, reaching out to those families with a special invite, will help bring those much needed parents. My hope is that the window to plan this program, will be much more extensive next time. That way, we can help close the gap in communication with our families.

I am attaching a word document with the many feedback statements that I got based on the survey. Thank you to all who participated in this.

We have a lot to analyze, consider, implement and change for next year. We have a good template to work from, and with your data and information, I can only see us developing a better program the next time around.