Holiday Psychic Healing Arts Fair

A New Health Care Paradigm Event

Psychic Healing Arts Fair

A Paradigm Shift is in the process of Happening. This is a new age of enlightenment and change. A spiritual paradigm is a change in consciousness, a revolution, transformation and a sort of metamorphosis. This change doesn't just happen but is driven by agents of change, many times traumatically, within our own personal lives as well as collectively. Through these changes will emerge a better world.

Come share a fun filled day while exploring the mystical and energetic relationships to ourselves and the world around us. Explore a new science, ancient mysteries, alternative health, and spiritual teachings. Find your souls purpose, seek spiritual advice or get a psychic angel card, tarot card or mediumship reading, there will be a spiritual seer there for you!

Psychic's, Healer's & Artists

Laura Schwalm-Anthony is offering 15 & 30 min. psychic readings, crystal readings and spiritual advising for $1.00 a minute

Pardis Paltrow is offering 15minute angel card readings, pet readings, and mediumship

Fi Avila is offering 15 minute Tarot readings

Dainichi Lazuli will be offering 15 &30 minute Kabbala readings and healing

Martha Vallejo will be offering 15 & 30 minute intuitive readings and making crystal wire jewelry .

Alara Phoenix will be offering 15 & 30 minute astro numerology readings

Lolita Amrita Kaplan will be offering 15 & 30 minute Chakra clearing and balancing based on the John of God Crystal Therapy-

Special guest- Erin Medina aka Erin Astronaut Ed Medina will be offering energy art, aura art and special requests starting

Tarot and Mediumship 15 minutes for $20.00

30 minute readings and healing for $30.00

Energy Art, Aura Art and Special Request art starts at $20.00

Psychic Healing Arts Fair

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 10am-4pm

The Center For Sharing and Remembering

Take the 4,5,6 to 14 Street Union Square. About a 10 minute walk from the 14 street subway stop

123 4Th Ave, 2 FL New York, N.Y. 10003

Phone is 212-677-8621

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