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virginia constitution

the Virginia constitution was a declaration of rights made by Virginians in the exercise of their sovereign powers, which right do pertain to them and their posterity, as the basis and foundation of government.
The constitution was enacted in conjunction with the declaration of independence by the first thirteen states. Virginia was the first state to adopt its own constitution. it was adopted on June 29,1776, without popular referendum, drafted by a proventional convention in may but made no provision for any amendments. George mason was the original drafter. although the constitution lasted over half a century and rarely did a legislature enact measures inconsistent with it in practice, it was regarded a fundamental law. it was the most the most significant achievement of the convention. it contained many constitutional first such as "all men are created equally". The declaration recognized many rights made by the constitution.


The founding fathers considered the aspects of the well-being of the citizens in the state, and the order of the states government. They wanted to run Virginia efficiently, giving certain rights and limiting government power and basic rights of the citizens and common wealth of VA.