Extra Curricular Activities


Volleyball's purpose is for you to get better at it. Joining volleyball would be great because of all the semi-competitive games we have. All the things we do in practice will make you have an all-star attitude. The practices we have are great; however, the laughs we have are even better. Getting better at volleyball is the best part! The only challenging part is: all the practices are at 6:00 in the morning!!

Cross Country

The purpose for cross country is for the people who just love to run. Clearly, from this you can stay fit. Getting better at running is a huge part. From that, you will feel proud of yourself. If you run for cross country, you you will be in better shape for athletics. The only downside is that you'll have to run a lot.

Book Club

Book club is for kids so they can get more involved in reading. Joining the book club would be great for you because you would be able to understand books better. Understanding books is great; on the other hand, it's even better to have help along the way. In the book club, you can get a chance to read your favorite books: you might even get to have friends with you! The only downside is how little you meet up for it.


Athletics helps you stay in great shape. In athletics, you get great, well-known coaches that I know you'll love! You can always play and try out for the sport you love in athletics. Amazingly, you can have a lot of your friends in athletics with you! Obviously, you will definitely stay in shape because of all the times we have to run. The sad part is that the coaches always make you run, and they can be strict.


UIL's purpose is to get you more involved. Being in UIL would sometimes even mean that you can skip school! You can also always be with your friends, and always have fun and find new people to meet. UIL helps you do the things you love the most. The bad thing is that you might have to meet up before and after school.