How to ASK

Learn how to invite a prospect to......

  • Join an Arbonne30 group
  • Watch an overview of Arbonne's opportunity and products
  • Host an Arbonne event for you live or virtually
  • Come to an event you are hosting

Supporting Documents and Videos

How to invite someone to do the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program!

How are you? I hope you don’t mind me reaching out. I am doing a 30 Days to Healthy Living Program, and I’ve been seeing and FEELING the results. (I’m not sure if you’ve seen before and afters I’ve posted on Social Media) This may or not be for you but I wondered if you would be open to taking a look at some info on the program? If yes, awesome! I can send you a link to more info. If not, no biggie. Michelle xo

How are you? I hope you don't mind me reaching out. I recently just finished a 30 Days to Healthy Living Program and can't put into words how amazing I feel. Would you be open to me sending you information about the program? If so, I can send a link and if not - no biggie!

FOLLOW UP after sending smore:

Good morning and Happy New Year Lisa! I wanted to follow up to see if you had a chance to check out the info I sent. I'm not sure if you are in a place where you wanted to make some changes to your health, but if you are - this may be the program for you! We have a new group starting every Monday and we would love for you to join us!

Hi I hope you had a great weekend. I’m circling back to see if you’ve had a chance to take a look at the smore flier I sent and if you had any questions? Our next group starts _______and we would love for you to join us


There are two approaches when we want to tell prospects about Arbonne

1. TRAINING REQUEST: This is a way for us to both practice and spread the word about Arbonne and determine who might appreciate the products or business.

2. DIRECT THREE POINT ASK: This is how we ask someone directly who we would love to do the business with.

TRAINING REQUEST (20-minute Overview)

New Consultant

Hi ____, it’s ____ I’m reaching out because I’ve just started a business with Arbonne! It’s a vegan skincare and wellness company. I’m very excited, and nervous at the same time! As part of my training, I need to find 10 people who are just willing to hear a 20-minute overview of Arbonne. I get that it might now be a fit for you, but I’m just looking to spread the word and would love to buy you a cup of coffee if you can help me out! (or if long distance: “I’d love to jump on a video conference with for 20 mins”) I’ll bring you a little gift as a thank you. (Could be a small bag with a sample or two). I know you’re busy so I’ll come to you! Would you be willing to be one of my 10?

If yes:

“Thank you so much! Would tomorrow at 2 or Friday at 3 work for you?”

If you are not yet an Area Manager or above say, “My business partner ____ may be with me because I’m in training. Thank you SO much!”

Existing Consultant

"I have a challenge that I am wondering if you can help me with. As you know, I have an Arbonne business but what you may not know is that in the beginning, I did not think it was for me until I became educated in this business model. Many companies are converting to this business model so it is not on trial anymore but explaining it to professionals and business owners in a short concise way is my challenge. I need to practice this as we are ramping up our global expansion. I have such great respect for you, would you be willing to let me practice this short 20-minute presentation with you over a cup of coffee or virtually?"

If you do not get a response message back with a messenger or text then say:

After 4 days send 2nd message…. "Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. I have been so busy with my clients and team! How are you?

If they respond with, "Good" or give a thumbs up then you reply: "That's awesome! I'm super busy so I will reach out to you in a few weeks. Take care!"

If they don't respond to any of your messages than message them saying: "Hey, I know that this may not be a fit for you but do you know someone who is looking for........(improving their health, losing weight, better skin, earning more money?)

DIRECT THREE POINT ASK (a 20-minute Overview or watch video)

Direct Three Point Ask is for Facebook Messaging, leaving Facebook messenger voicemail, texting or verbal. It is for asking someone directly to “Take a Look at the Business”. This is ideal if you know someone would likely be really great in this business, is already your preferred client, former hostess or someone who you know loves the products, is perhaps looking for an opportunity or change in circumstance, when you have the trust and respect of the person or when you meet someone who you think would be a great fit. We then funnel them through the Prospecting Toolbox to start the exposure to Arbonne process.

1. ICEBREAKER: Example of a Disarming Statement: I know this is totally random…but you've been on my mind a lot lately.

2. THOUGHT OF YOU BECAUSE: Share a sincere and specific compliment or knowledge of their why or why you thought of them.

Their Why Examples:

  • I've been thinking of you a lot because I remember us talking about how you love being there for the kids, but you really miss having something of your own for your sanity, your identity, and your bank account

  • I didn't know for sure but wondered if you were finding these years of growing up kids and social media kind of lonely like I am. A lot of women love this business because they are building relationships and feeling like this is their tribe and love the company training trips where they get to escape to Vegas with a bunch of fun-loving moms and get great times and a lot of personal growth.

  • I thought of you because I’m now working with so many women just like you who are being able to …earn extra money for travel funds, shameless shoe addictions, or college funds.

  • I wanted to tell you about my business because I work with so many working moms like you, who are juggling kids and their demanding jobs. They’re building side businesses that are growing big enough to give them more choices, including being able to leave the corporate grind. I'd love to tell you what I'm up to. Even if it's not for you, I have a feeling you're going to know some people that I could help."


  • I have no idea if this would be a good fit for you, but it might be a way for you to have your cake and eat it too. I'd love to tell you what I'm up to
  • I have no idea if what I do will be a good fit for you. But if it is, you can have a heck of a lot of fun spending part time hours building something pretty substantial.

End With the Ask…

  • It may not be a fit but if I arrange a 20-minute overview with you would like to take a look?
  • I don’t know if this will capture your imagination like it has mine if I sent you some before and after’s and a short video would you like to take a peek?
  • I would love to have you come play with me


  • "Hi, gorgeous! How are you doing? Let’s chat soon! I want to fill you in on what I’m doing with Arbonne. I think it would be an awesome fit for you (I know you’re slammed with coaching, kids, etc.), but I can show you how it could fit in and really make big changes for you in the long run. May or may not be a fit, but it’s def worth a look. Open to a chat about it? Love you girl!

  • Hey gorgeous! How are you? I love seeing the pictures of your beautiful babies :) I've been thinking of you for a while. I started a business with a health and wellness company and I 'd love to see if it's a fit for you. I think you could make that gorgeous smile and encouraging heart go to work for you! If it doesn't seem like your jam, I'd love if you'd look at it for someone else maybe? (It's changed my life in so many ways) If I sent you a video to check it out would you take a peek at it?


  • Hey Sara! Hope you are well, and that sweet girl of yours is feeling better. I have been thinking about your for a while. I know it's last minute, but I'd love for you to check this out! I think you'd be amazing, and fun to work with. If you have a lunch break at noo, I'd love if you could hop on this quick call. It's life changing!


  • Hey Sarah, how are you? I am reaching out to you because our team's Arbonne business strategy recently changed because we are able to do so much of our business virtually. I thought of you because it is going to make it super easy to do alongside any other full-time job. Would you be interested in watching a video and potentially being a health coach with Arbonne? I think you would be a rockstar at it. Would you be willing to take a peek at it?

What if you get asked how are you doing with it?...

Remember not everyone you approach will be in it for the money so tailor your response to touch the most amount of lives.


"What I am loving already is that I am making enough money to help pay for the kids' activities with some leftover money for a trip to the mall for me. I am able to make a difference through educating people about their health and that I am making so many new friends and feeling like they are my tribe."

What if you get a flat out no...

The biz isn’t for everyone, I totally get that! I wonder if you’d be open to learning more about the product ingredient philosophy. I think it would really align with who you are. No pressure to buy anything at all, I just want to share the info about ingredient safety. Worst case you’ll be an informed consumer!

(Invite them to test drive the product with a tote, basket, jump on a virtual presentation, have a 1 on 1, or attend a live one—last choice would be to mail out a sample)



  • Be in a hurry, get right to the point
  • Ask for help/favor
  • Share your why
  • What's in it for them
  • Book Date

Example Scripts- VERSION ONE:

"I just started an Arbonne business because I so connect with their ingredient philosophy. I’m super keen to make a real go of this and wondered if you could help me with being one of my very first pamper sessions? I have my Learner Plates on and I’m a bit nervous and would love some familiar faces to practice my delivery and get some invaluable feedback on the products. Would you be able to grab just a few friends together and I’ll look after the rest! I promise you it will be worth your while as I will give you some freebies as an expression of my gratitude. I have the following dates available < > <>, what would suit you best?"

Example Scripts- VERSION TWO:

"I'm calling to ask for your help!!! As you know I'm so tired of the grind at work but I think I have found a way to fire my boss. I started my own nutrition business. Wanted to ask if you could gather a few friends for a Healthy Happy Hour! It's a fun, informal get together where we will have a smoothie bar where they can taste-test vegan shakes, energy drinks etc. I'll totally hook you up. All you need is one hour and some chips and salsa!. Would totally mean the world! (Pause) Great! Is the beginning or the end of the week better?" Create a cute invite. Have her invite friends first. Get some samples to them right away.


INVITING SOMEONE TO JOIN ARBONNE30--Host a live or virtual event or FB group

Make your post personal and find out what is in it for them. They don’t necessarily care what our results were but what is the benefit for them if they decide to do it.

Example Scripts - Version One

"Hey, Erin how are you?! I know it has been a while and you may or may not know that recently I completed the Arbonne30 program and I feel as though I am really on to something.

I know you are an extremely busy mom with a full plate but one of the things I love the most is how this program was designed with busy people in mind.

Prior to doing the program, I had no energy, excess weight and just was feeling sluggish. Now after finishing my first round, I can say I feel like a totally different person.

I thought this could be something that would interest and benefit you and I would love to share more info/send you a video/invite you onto a call so you can learn more.

If I did ______ would you be willing to check it out and provide your honest feedback?"

Example Scripts - Version Two:

"I know this will be out of the blue, and I don't know if you've seen my recent posts about our 30-day program, but I've been on a health journey with Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living Program. I decided it was time because I wasn't happy with how I looked when I passed the mirror and then it hit me, that this is how people see me every day. I knew I finally needed to do something and I needed to change something. Little did I know that I needed to change a lot of my terrible unhealthy habits. I was sluggish, overweight and grabbing every piece of junk food and using it as "comfort" food. Even though I was taking care of my outside I wasn't taking care of my insides. I'm continuing on and I can't wait to see my 60-day photo but I've included my 30 Day before and after photo because it shows how awesome this program is!! I've lost 22 lbs and 5 inches off my waist so far which is a miracle since I've struggled with weight loss for so long. I am excited to offer this healthier lifestyle to others. If I added you to a group where I would do a Facebook live talking a bit more about my personal journey and Arbonne's 30-day program, would you be open to listening in? It would be awesome if you could I would love to have you cheering me on. Please let me know."

Example Scripts - Version Three:

"I don't know if you have seen my recent posts about my 30 Day Arbonne Challenge, but I have recently been on this health journey that has really helped me get back on track. After years of cheerleading and being weighed in, etc., I have always been overly concerned with maintaining my weight. But after my Dad passed away, I started to notice my weight gain. I suffered from depression and anxiety, didn’t eat healthily, and struggled to exercise. I had no energy, had trouble sleeping, and all I wanted to do was nap. I knew I had to do something. I already used Arbonne skin care products, so I was aware of Arbonne. But when I heard about their nutrition program and I started to see actual results of people that I knew doing this challenge, I decided to give it a try. I crushed it! I lost 8 lbs and 10 total inches and I can wear clothes I haven't been able to fit into in a while. But the best part is that I have my energy back and I am sleeping well at night. Now that I have experienced the program and seen the results, I am really excited to share it with others. So I am just starting this journey and I would appreciate your support. I am going to be doing a quick Facebook Live next week and it would mean the world to me if you would check it out. I will be sharing my story, and my Sponsor, Debbie, will speak a little more about Arbonne and the healthy living program. I’ve included my before/after pics on the Facebook Live page for you to check out as well. If I added you to the group, would you mind supporting me and tuning in? Please let me know.


Asking someone to host a virtual Healthy Living event/attend

Example Scripts- Version One:

"Hi Kristin! Loved connecting with you and congrats on all the success with your Arbonne 30. Way to go! Since you're considering becoming a consultant, hosting an online event would be an awesome next step! You would actually get to be on LIVE with me and your sponsor Jennifer and share YOUR testimonial of the program. You'd benefit from getting your next kit for $90 PLUS. If you decided to upgrade to consultant you'd benefit from the earnings from the presentation also. PLUS you'd have some partners in crime for the Arbonne 30!"

Example Scripts- Version Two:

"I am so excited to be sharing the gift of health! I appreciate all the likes on my #healthyliving posts! I am doing a little FB live on ____, where I will share more on healthy living and how I help folks make changes in their lives through good foods. I would love to have you join me! Will you hop on with me?! 20 min max but packed with good info! Your support would mean the world!"



Example Scripts- version one:

"Hi gorgeous! Not sure when you get back ... Want me to put your kit in the last week of ...? And I would love to circle back on the biz side of Arbonne. I can't help but think you would love it. I know you mentioned wanting to do something else. This may or may not be a fit, but I would love to show you what this biz is really all about. Would you be open to a chat about it?

Example Scripts- version two:

"Holy Smokes!!! That is amazing. You have totally crushed this! I have no idea if you are curious, but I would love to show you what it's like to be a coach like I am. You have had such amazing success, you could totally parlay it into the biz side of Arbonne. May or may not be a fit, but it's probably worth taking a peek."



1. Always call your guest list so they can hear your excitement about your new business. Never just leave it to a text/email or a Facebook event. Give them the two date options

2. Make your guests feel special – you are inviting only your nearest and dearest

Example Script- VERSION ONE:

"Hi (insert name) I’ve started a new online health and wellness business with a brand called Arbonne – a company with a Swiss heritage that formulates botanically-based, vegan-friendly products without mineral oils, parabens or other harmful ingredients. And I’m very excited about my new business venture.

I’d love you to pop over to help me celebrate with next (insert date) at (insert time) to have a peek.

In a nutshell, Arbonne is a well-established brand known for its range of high-quality skin care, nutrition, cosmetics, hair and body and baby care to name a few of the product ranges. Because it sells directly, it offers exceptional products - developed by formulators who are ex-Aveda and La Prairie - at reasonable prices.

Everything is very pure and safe with environmentally friendly packaging… Look forward to seeing you then. Come along and see for yourself why British Vogue describe Arbonne products as a "best-kept secret" with a "cult-like status”

Example Script- VERSION TWO:

'I’m so excited! I’m starting my new online health and wellness business with Arbonne. I’d love you to help celebrate at my official business launch!

The ingredient philosophy is “Pure Safe Beneficial” and the products across the whole range are vegan certified. They are dermatologist and pediatrician tested and free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and chemical fragrances. No nasties! I especially love the fact the products don’t contain animal by-products and the company has never tested on animals in their 38-year history.

So, I’m taking the next step to building a business around the Arbonne product that aligns with my values and passions and I would love to share it with you! It would mean the world to have you here at my business launch. Love you to come and have some wine and cheese and have an opportunity to try these amazing products for yourself!"

(Remember to highlight importance of 7.15pm for 7.30pm sharp start etc – as the formal presentation will kick off once everyone has arrived.)



To ask someone to trial the Tote...

"Have you ever heard of Arbonne...tried any of our products? If I dropped off a trial set of our incredible Antiaging line, would you use it?" Great, I just need you to test drive the products for the next 3 days and in return, I just ask for 20-30 minutes of your time to get some feedback about your experience. "

To ask someone to trial the Spa Basket...

"Have you ever heard of Arbonne...tried any of our products?

Arbonne has recently released some new and innovative products that are in the current trend right now—and our goal is to introduce them to as many as possible in the next few months so we can get their feedback. We’ve put together a spa basket with products from our new “Rescue and Renew” spa line that we all love because they help detox the body are just so soothing and relaxing. And, we’re also including our new Swiss Anti-Aging products that have recently been rated #1 in the skin care industry. So, it’s kind of like instead of you going to the spa, we bring the spa to you, so you can just be pampered for a few days and enjoy these amazing products. I’ll even put in a few extra products from our hair care and health and fitness lines that are my all-time favorites.

I just need you to test drive the products and give me your feedback when I pick up the basket in 2 to 3 days. And your feedback would be so helpful for me.

I would love to bring the spa to you—could we find a time that would be good for both of us to drop off your basket?

(After scheduling a time for the drop off)

____________, I’m so excited that you’re going to be enjoying these products for a few days. When I drop off the spa basket I want to go over the products with you and explain how to use them so you’ll get the very best results. And, I’ll also tell you a bit more about the products, the company and really what makes us so unique in the marketplace. Does that work for you?



Example scripts--VERSION ONE:

"I am expanding my portfolio of before and after pictures using my company's Anti-Aging skin care line and a handheld Ultra Sound device. In exchange for a treatment, I KNOW you and your skin will LOVE, would you be open to being one of my Before and After shots?

Check out the results on my friends Andrea that I took after only 4 minutes!!

Once you have booked the appointment say...

"I know what you are going to ask me because everyone always does...Can I bring a friend and the answer is YES, you can. It takes about 5 minutes per person for the treatment and the before and afters take about 15 minutes. When I message you on Thursday for directions just let me know how many people will be there so I know what to prepare for.

Example Scripts--VERSION TWO:

Kim, could you help me out with a project? I’m building my Before & After portfolio and I need someone in your age group. Just need half an hour if you can find an opening in your busy schedule!



"Sarah, I would love to invite you to a Sip and Paint event I am putting on at ______. It's a fun evening where your face is your canvas. We enjoy good food, and company and paint your face with botanically based makeup. Complimentary makeup tutorial while connecting having fun with others."