TECH Teams Update


Summer xCamp

xCamp, round two, is coming to a summer near you! Below are the dates for the three sessions that will be offered this summer. xCamp will be a 5 day experience - the schedule below is a SAMPLE as the 5 days will be built from feedback and a small team from the xCamp mini session in a few weeks.


  • June 9th - 13th (40 slots)
  • June 16th - 20th (80 slots)
  • August 4th - 8th (80 slots)

All campuses will have a specific number of reserved slots and communication will be going out to Principals shortly after Spring Break.

Looking for Bloggers!

Do you like to write? Then, we want YOU! We are looking for blog posts that highlight 'classroom workflow' (much like this one: OR this one:

What you need:

  1. A pic of a project/idea/lesson in action
  2. A short writeup of the project/idea/lesson
  3. A 'workflow' graphic (easy to build in PPT from this template)

Please email when you are ready to post and we'll get you setup as a guest blogger on the 1:X Learning site!

iWork and iLife Status Update

Status: Waiting.

We had hoped to have iWork and iLife going out to students by now, but are still waiting on the conversion of our licenses to 'managed apps'. Converting our licenses is critical so that we can push these apps out to students and maintain the licenses if they leave the district. Our tech teams are working hard on this and other updates to student iPads. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • iWork and iLife for all student devices (still working on backfill for last year's iPads)
  • iOS Software Updates - current version is 7.0.6. All students should be up-to-date or update to this version if not
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) has been released and we are testing
  • Device profiles are being updated to make campus management much easier

Terms of Service Check-In

Terms of Service, Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use - they ALL end up with a LOT of text and reading! It is critical to help prevent LISD teachers from getting into a situation where they are not aware or not following the Terms of Service for a digital tool. There is a lot of choice out there, but our responsibility is in helping teachers and students understand the 'do' and the 'don't'.

One example is Today's Meet - a simple, Web2.0 tool that let's you post digital responses on an open board. According to the Today's Meet Terms of Use, no one under the age of 13 can use their tool (try going to the link and pushing CMD+F on your keyboard to 'find', then enter in '13'. This is a quick way to search a LOT of text. Oh... here are some other keyboard shortcuts too.)

If the Terms of Service say 'no', then we must follow them. There are exceptions if they allow for parent permission or if there are separate Terms of Service for education. All-in-all, the easiest way to get teachers started is to use the Foundational Tools & Apps page on the 1:X Learning Site. These tools are approved, checked and ready to go.

(Oh... one last thing, teachers should always communicate with parents about the digital tools that they use with students in their classroom. Parent awareness is a requirement of CIPA and this can be done on a class website, through Remind101 or in newsletter home)

$$ Content Builders $$

Last, but not least! We are looking for some content builders to create modules about:

Digital Parenting - Activities for parents to work with kids and iPads at home.

This work will be after-hours, on your own time. Modules will have an expected completion time for pay and a rubric will be provided. Each module will require a short, self-made video overview (like a screencast), a description of the activity and/or App used and a list of online resources for further investigation.

A short, informational meeting will be held on March 20th at 5pm in the Bolin Administration Building. Please email for more details and to express your interest.

Applicants will need to submit one example to be considered for this project.

Jennifer Kirkpatrick - Instructional Technology Specialist

Jennifer is a passionate educator who also happens to be the REcylcing AND the UPcycling queen of the Inst Tech team. (check out upcycling here) Being new to Instructional Technology this year has not stopped her from jumping in with two feet and creating some awesome products and experiences!

Jennifer started her teaching career at Lancaster High School as a 9th and 11th grade Social Studies Teacher. She loves to travel and would return to both San Francisco and Amsterdam in a heartbeat. Her green energy matches her favorite color which connects straight into her love of nature. If you catch her living in a treehouse in Muir Woods at some point in the distant future, don't be too surprised.

Don't let her love of trees fool you, though, as her interests have quite the range. In fact, if you're lucky, you'll catch her on the microphone singing Copacabana at a certain karaoke joint up the road...