Solar Panels

By: Millena , Ramin, Edward , and Pedro

What Is our Goal ?

We would like to change the average electricity bill of $168 here is an illustration of America with color coordination around you with the prices.
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  • Not only are solar panels are good for your wallet in the long term but also for the environment .
  • using more solar energy we would need less fossil fuels to satisfy our energy demand, and that cuts down our excessive pollution and carbon rates.

  • You would first have to know whether you want the solar panels laid out in your backyard or on your roof

  • one thing to keep in mind is that if you put it on your roof you may need to install some extra appliances

  • Brackets, or poles, are necessary in all models.

  • Brackets support the panels and are attached directly to the structure of the home or building.

  • We think the best choice would be to putt it on your roof to conserve more space, and more effective results.

  • First we would get any extra appliances that are necessary ,find a trust worthy worker to install it .

  • Then give it a few years and have ourselves free electricity completely.

Who Would Install It ?

  • We would want DFW solar Electric to install it considering all the great feedback ,and years of experience.
  • We would need Permission from the city of Coppell and the Home Owners Assosiation.
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What Would This Cost You ?

  • 284 total sq of solar panels
  • 142 solar panels charging batteries

  • 142 directly powering the house

  • We need 4 10 kWh tesla power wall batteries.

  • Average us consumption = 1,000 kWh a month $120 a month

  • 1 sqft of Solar panel produces 7 kWh 1000/7~143

  • It would cost a maximum of 13,240 dollars

  • After 52 months (5 and ½ years) the cost of the solar panels, and batteries will be paid off, and then you will be getting “free” energy.
  • Here is a graph that shows purple as non solar panel electricity and orange as solar power it is the cost of the actual solar panels on your house
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  • this is a chart that shows the approximate cost of the solar panels and more
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What Do Gain and Lose ?

  • This invention is useful not only to our houses, but to the whole worlds energy.

  • Pros- the pros of the solar panels is that the solar panels will save the electrical costs.

  • help your home conserve their electrical energy.

  • If you manage to get your panels, you will live in a better home. knowing that you're helping the world.

  • The bills of you electricity will slowly decrease.

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  • Cons- the cons of this invention is that the installation process will cost a lot of the the users money.
  • Although the solar panels will save money in the end, it will also take some money away in the beginning.

  • The installation will also take some time.

  • Finding the places to install the solar panels and attaching the panels will take almost a month, or over.

  • Your roof need to be facing the sun in order to receive the light that you will need.
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