New York Colony

By: Mahima and Surabhi

New York Colony... I want it all!


Although we are now known as the New York colony, we weren't always. In fact, we were under Dutch control, and was known as the New Amsterdam Colony. Now we are under British control. Why? Well, its because we are the hot spot for trade, and more trade equals more success.
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New York has a Royal Colony government. This means that we are under direct rule of the British crown. Isn't that awesome!
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Way of Life

New York is overall one of the most prosperous colonies! We've got a wide mix of nationalities, and a huge variety of amusements and entertainment. So many travelers looking for trade... everyone's got a story different from the last!
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Education and trade! There is so much opportunity in New York for you and your family. Business is a prominent part of New York life, and will benefit all those who move here. We have an abundance of jobs for merchants and bankers. Education comes into play because to be a banker, like many other jobs, you need to be well educated. Which means your child could have a very bright future! :) Farming is big too, and if you don't own one, you can still work on one!

Lumber, Iron, Cattle, Wheat and Grains- Raw Materials in High Demand!


Our colony has mild climate with warm summers, and mild winters that are convenient for farming and agriculture.


Whether or not your religion is accepted at where you live, is important. Luckily for you, our colony believes in religious freedom! From Quakers to Jews, to Catholics and more, NYC accepts anyone and everyone!


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