Wildcat Orchestra

Weekly Update #8

Happy Friday Orchestra Families!

Go Cubs Go! What an exciting week for both orchestra and baseball. Thank you for being so flexible with lesson schedules and working around the days off of school. You are the reason I love my job and coming to work everyday!

Next weeks schedule is as follows:

Monday (10/17)

  • 7th grade morning rehearsal
  • 7th AND 8th grade lessons (SEE MODIFIED SCHEDULE)

Tuesday (10/18)

  • 8th grade morning rehearsal
  • 6th grade lessons

Wednesday (10/19)

  • 7th grade morning rehearsal
  • 6th grade lessons

Thursday (10/20)

  • 6th grade morning rehearsal

Friday (10/21)

  • NO SCHOOL - Parent/Teacher Conferences

7th AND 8th Grade Lessons MONDAY

Because we do not have school on Friday, I would like to take this week to work with our 7th and 8th graders together on Crepscule. Please come at the following times based one your part for Crepscule.

Violin 1 - 9:00

Violin 2 - 10:45

Viola - 2:00

Cello - 1:00

Bass - 9:30

7th Beginners - 1:30

October Rehearsal Calendar

Big image


I have some exiting news to share with you regarding some information shared with your students this week. Beginning in November, we are introducing NEW ensembles to Springman Orchestra: Wildcat Symphony and Philharmonic Strings. These ensembles will enable us to better meet the needs of the students and challenge them appropriately. EVERY STUDENT will still have a place in orchestra but this shift will potentially impact the ensemble your student performs in.

If your student wants to perform as part of Wildcat Symphony, they need to come in for a performance evaluation with me on either November 21st or 22nd during the school day. A hard copy of music was handed out in morning rehearsals this week but a digital copy can be found in all the students Schoology courses.

Violins - Sundance measure 1 - 36

Violas - Sundance measure 1 - 36

Cellos - Sundance measure 1 - 49

Basses - Sundance measure 1 - 49

Students will be responsible for playing with SmartMusic during their performance evaluation. I have put up a recording of SmartMusic into their Schoology course to practice along with. If students want extra practice during x-block with a SmartMusic computer, then they can e-mail me to set up an appointment and I will have a computer ready for them.

Students can sign up for a performance evaluation time slot starting next week in my office. I truly think that it is in everybody's best interest to practice the above music and take an evaluation to be part of Wildcat Symphony. It cannot hurt you to perform Sundance for me!

The new performance ensembles affect 6th graders a little differently than 7th and 8th graders. If a 6th grade orchestra student would like to participate in either the Wildcat Symphony or Philharmonic Orchestra, they are more than welcome to sign up for a performance evaluation in November. If they make either of those orchestras, they will have to perform with their new ensemble AND 6th grade orchestra, thus being in two groups. I highly recommend students who want an extra challenge, working on the above music and taking a performance evaluation.

What Should I Be Practicing?

6th Grade
  • Harry Potter - main theme (CIRCLE YOUR LOWS!)

7th Grade

  • Sound Innovations, Book 2, #22 performed individually at next lesson with SmartMusic

8th Grade

  • C Major
  • F Major

Live Music!

If any of you would like to attend a family friendly Halloween concert, there is one coming up in nearby Park Ridge on Wednesday, October 26th, at 7:00 pm at the Pickwick Theatre called “Bones, Mummies, and Tomb Raiders” – It’s always a good show!

More information can be found here:


Musical Moment of the Week

Here is a new group called The Five Strings. This ensemble is made up of five siblings who live in Texas. They are AMAZING! I highly recommend checking them out either on their website (http://www.thefivestrings.com) or their youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT0GkqB8_6ff3nTVRStD-pg)
Taylor Swift | New Romantics (Cover) The Five Strings