Mr. Lucht's Trumpet Recital

He Will Rock You

Handel Sonata VII

Thursday, April 30th, 1pm

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

arranger: Robert Galapagos

Robert arranged this piece in 1982 for flute and piano. He was a graduate of Eastman school of music in 1974, and has played professionally for years, most recently with the Fargo Symphony. He has written and arranged hundreds of pieces for Alfred Music, and is active as a clinician and guest conductor all over the world. He claims Jon Lucht as his main inspiration for his choosing this profession, and frequently mentions him in presentations everywhere.


I thought this project rocked. It inspired me to perfect this piece, and made me a better player all around. I bought this tune on itunes, and I play it all the time on my ipod. The teacher was most helpful in aiding me to complete this assignment, and I can't think of life without him. I hope everyone enjoyed my performance.


f - forte - Loud

crescendo - get louder

mp - mezzo forte - medium soft

Andante - moderately slow

staccato - short/separated