Wouldn't it be nice

By The Beach Boys

The message in the song?

They are trying to say that it would be nice if they were older and lived together and they are hoping it won't take a long time. Ina sense it could be taken as he is in the Vietnam war and he can't wait till it's over when he is older to he can get back to her and live with her.

Who is the intended audience?

Anyone with a lover they want to be with for a very long time. When asked though, the beach boys said "hardcore fans." Also, young adults and teens. I think this because it is a very heart-felt song that many people could relate to.

What is the mood?

It's a very sweet, hopeful, and futuristic. They say in part of the song "maybe if we think, and hope, and wish, and pray it might come true." This is why it's such a happy song.

Why did they write this song?

Wilson wrote this song for more of a "teens are to young to be married" factor.

Why this song?

I chose this song because, I know it and like it a lot.