My Experience

Catrina Epps

Student Teaching

I was placed in a 2nd grade classroom and began my journey in January of 2014. I had the opportunity to work with the best teacher and she guided me towards a successful student teaching experience. I learned about classroom management and how to set high expectations in the classroom. I became more confident with the technology in the classroom (Smart board, ipad, computer and apple TV). I was involved in writing the newsletter, marking planners and communicating with parents about their child's success. I plan to extend what I have learned into my very own classroom!


In the Spring of 2013 I was not placed in just one classroom but two! I had the pleasure of working in a special needs 4K classroom and a general ed. 4K classroom at Dunbar Child Development Center. It was a rewarding experience to get to see the variety of learning styles and how each room functioned according to their needs.

Fall of 2014 I began my clinical at Woodland Heights Elementary in a 1st grade classroom. I worked side by side with my cooperating teacher to create lesson plans which were part of my integrated unit.

Analyze and Use Data

I believe data is an important part of creating an effective classroom. I use the data I collect to create goals for each individual child. Together we discuss what could be improved and come up with goals that fit best with the students needs. Collecting data such as practice work and observations during small and whole group helps drive instruction for the following day. It also allows me to see what I need to work on as an educator and how to make my lesson plan more effective.


Monitered PASS testing

Room Supervisor for ACT Aspire