Abbie's Flute Solo Preformance

Flute Performance

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Solo Preformance

I am doing a solo performance.I am playing Elegy by John Tyndall

Abbie's Flute Solo Preformance

Wednesday, April 15th, 9:45am

1717 40th St S

Fargo, ND

My Performance and Agenda

At 9;33 I will walk in the classroom and get ready to play

At around 9:45 people will be starting to play and I will pass my 'smore" to my teacher and begin to play


I have learned a lot about this song called Elegy.I have learned things like what the song is about and who wrote it.I have enjoyed many things on this project.Like being able to preform a song in front of the class.This project has been so much fun!