Alexus Plante

English 2

My Likes and Hobbies

Reading, drawing, painting, biking, swimming, the drums, softball, watching The Royals baseball games.


I went to Benton Elementary School in Kindergarten and half of my 1st grade year. Then I moved to Augusta and attended my second half of 1st grade through 5th grade at Lincoln Elementary School, and 6th grade at Augusta Middle School. I came to Buhler in 7th grade, and now I go to Buhler High School. When I graduate, I would like to attend Kansas University to study Predentistry .


I have two sisters. Ashlynn who is 11, and Annistyn who is 6.

Parent Contact Information

Mom: Lacey Legleiter - (316) 461-6024

Step-Dad: Bradley Cram - (316) 253-7943