Word-Processing and Spreadsheets.

This page is on Word-processing and Spreadsheet appliactions


Word-processing packages are used to produce documents containing text (such as letters or even reports) and also for preparing text for other applications (e.g. text could be typed into a word-processor then imported into a publishing software). Before starting any document you must think about different things (Popplet link goes into more detail what is needed to be thought about). Once the text has been entered it then can be formatted to add structure by altering characteristics (Also in the Popplet link below) not only formatting text but whole paragraphs and blocks of text. Additional features of word-processing software are that you can have templates to help you structure your own work. Mail merge is another great feature of certain word processing software, it allows you to send the document straight from word or other word processing software. Indexing and macros help the user get more out of there work.

Spreadsheet Software

Spreadsheets are used to manipulate numbers and text that have been arranged into cells. Formulae are to relate one cell to another. Once a formula has been entered, then some data in one of the cells has changed it will read it and automatically change the output. Using spreadsheets are ideal for; Budgeting, Cash Flows, Accounting, Creating and using models, Performing analysis' and producing graphs and charts. (Popplet link below has more on Spreadsheets.)