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News for June 2016

2016-2017 Calendars and planning your PTA year:

As your Unit plans for next year, please keep in mind the following suggestions for meeting dates (this is really helpful for those with students in multiple schools to avoid meeting/event conflicts!)

K-4 Elementary - set your meetings for the FIRST WEEK of the month
5-6 Elementary - set your meetings for the SECOND WEEK of the month
Middle School - set your meetings for the THIRD WEEK of the month
High School - set your meetings for the FOURTH WEEK of the month

Council will continue to meet the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month. Submit your calendar to Julie Thompson to be added to the Council calendar (which can be found here:
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End of the year wrap up/To Do list:

The PTA year (typically) ends on June 30, and the new one begins on July 1!

One of the most stressful and difficult times of the year can occur during the transition

of one PTA board to another as they change leadership. The sharing of leadership information should begin as soon as the new officers are elected.

If your Unit would like Council assistance during a transition or planning meeting, please contact incoming Council President Joanne Hayes at 734-905-0090 (cell) or Council members are available during the summer. No one is expected to figure things out on their own!

2015-2016 Officer's Responsibilities:

Be available when asked, but allow the new officers to bring new ideas, enthusiasm and change that is essential to the success of your PTA/PTSA.

□ Thank your volunteers by newsletter, note, etc. or plan a special appreciation activity. Inform members of PTA’s accomplishments this year.

□ Survey membership to find out what they liked/disliked and what projects they would like PTA to work on next year. Share this information with the 2016-2017 officers.

□ Send a roster of incoming officers to your council president and register them through the Michigan PTSA. You need to do this even if you are continuing from the previous year.

□ Pay all reimbursement vouchers and invoices prior to June 30.

□ Appoint an audit committee and make sure the treasurer’s records are up-to-date in preparation for the year-end audit as soon after June 30 as possible. (Make plans to attend the LPTSA Council Audit Party July 20!)

□ Make sure your online membership enrollment is correct. Check for duplicates. Reconcile enrolled membership entered with membership fees paid.

□ Prior to May 25, pay final membership dues for the year.

□ Collect committee procedure books, so that they can be updated.

□ Update legal documents books.

□ Include incoming officers in budget planning meetings. (Budgets for 2016-2017 year must be approved at a general membership meeting).

□ Hold an orientation meeting and installation for 2016-2017 officers to pass on all PTA information and to enable a smooth transition.

□ If possible be available to answer questions throughout the year.

2016-2017 Officers Responsibilities:

Be sensitive to those who have gone before you. They have given their time and energies. Give them credit for their accomplishments and build on what they have begun.

□ Talk with the 2015-2016 officer about his/her recommendations.

□ Set a date to meet with the incoming executive committee and board for orientation and planning.

□ Attend leadership workshops and training, Michigan PTA Summer Leadership Academy in August.

□ Encourage participation in PTA training opportunities because it’s easier to do a job when you know what you’re doing!

□ Set up a planning meeting with the principal.

□ Accept and review financial records, minutes and legal document notebooks after the audit is complete.

□ Change the signature cards at the bank on July 1, and review the budget thoroughly.

□ Be familiar with the proper format for the minutes and maintaining permanent records.

□ Review your PTA’s standing rules - CONTACT COUNCIL IF YOU DON'T HAVE THEM.

□ Review committee procedure books and job descriptions and appoint committee chairs (appointments are made by the President with the approval of the other elected officers).

□ Remember the team concept and give each new officer and chair a share of your enthusiasm and positive attitude about PTA leadership while giving them meaningful tasks to perform.

□ Make sure all of your officers and committee chairs are registered via Michigan PTA. You need to do this even if you are continuing from the previous year.

□ Make sure procedure notebooks and legal document notebooks are updated.

□ Ask questions.

Start planning now - for Volunteers:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting Volunteers
by Thomas W. McKee

The scene: Tuesday night at our monthly membership meeting. A frantic staff member stands before the group of about 300 members and says, "If we don't get any volunteers for this program, we will assume that you aren't interested, and we'll just cancel it."

Some over-worked members feel guilty and raise their hands. Others groan and say, "The trouble with our organization is that no one wants to get involved." Others say, under their breath, "Good, it's about time we cancel some of our activities."

Sound familiar? We've all seen it happen. Well, if you are going to mess up in your volunteer program, you might as well mess up bad. By committing one of the following seven sins, you not only chase members away, but you burn them out.

To read the rest of the article at

DYSLEXIA - what do you know?

Farmington Area Jaycess along with the Breakfast Optimists Club are sponsoring an event on June 7th that will provide more information on what dyslexia is, how to determine if a child has it, and what to do after dyslexia is identified.

Please see the flyer below for more information and how to register.

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Livonia PTSA Council Annual AUDIT PARTY!

The annual AUDIT PARTY - is scheduled for Wednesday July 20 at the LPS BOE office.

Make sure that you select/elect/nominate your audit committee no later than your MAY PTA Meeting.

Dinner will be provided. We will begin at 6:00 pm and should ALL be done no later than 8:00 pm.


If your committee can not participate, let us know who your committee is, their contact info and when your audit is scheduled.

You will be able to select your COUNCIL LIAISON at the Audit Party AND - You get PEP points for each person attending. Bonus!

Please RSVP here:

Livonia students recognized at MI PTA Reflections ceremony

Get started on your REFLECTIONS projects now!

Summer is a great time to get started on your Reflections projects. For more information and rules for the Reflections program, see our website:

This year's theme is: What is your story? Entries will be due in mid November 2016.
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PEP - don't be left behind! Start now!

PTA/PTSA Excellence Program (PEP)

The PTA/PTSA Excellence Program — better known as PEP — provides PTA/PTSA units with a way to streamline unit requirements and provide a points system for units who complete the required tasks. PEP helps your unit stay in good standing and encourages unit growth and participation.

Awards will be presented at the end of the year to the highest achieving units.

The following documents should be reviewed (and, in some cases, signed and sent to Council) by each PTA/PTSA:

View the current PEP standings here:

Email PEP documents to:

Summer Leadership Academy 2016 -write this on your calendar NOW...

...and plan to attend! This is another way to build on your PTA training and a great opportunity to network with other PTA friends from all over Michigan. Your Unit should be budgeting for Training and Convention. See you at SLA 2016! (Bring your Board!)
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Coming up:

16 - LPS Last day of School!
28 - PTA membership due

1 - 2016-2017 PTA Year begins!
20 - Audit Party at the BOE office

6 - MI PTA Summer Leadership Academy in Southfield, MI

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