How Solar Power Is Used

By: JT & TH

What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is another word for sun's energy. Solar power is exactly like electricity but it is natural energy from the sun. Some houses use a lot of solar power. But do you know what is the process of solar power.

What Is The Process Of Solar Power?

First of all when the sun is shinning the picture of the photovoltaic panels of a solar PV structure catch sunlight and generates the light to it's direct current electricity. Secondly, the solar PV system uses an inverter, then it converts this electricity into 240V which is what we use in our homes. Then, under a net feed-in system this electricity, next gets divided for use in your house. Finally, below a gross feed-in system all the electricity produced is brought into the electricity grid through your electricity meter.

The Advantages And Disadvantages


-We are using natural energy this is a positive thing for our environment.

-Also, electricity bills won't cost much.


-Solar panels cost a lot

-Takes up a lot of space

-Sunny area required

-Will not generate electricity at night