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Oreo facts

Oreos are creme filled cookie sandwiches first introduced in 1912. Oreos where initially named "Oreo biscuits". But the named changed to "Oreo crème sandwich in the 1940s. The cookies name changed once again in 1970 to "Oreo chocolate sandwich cookie". No one really knows why they named the cookie sandwich Oreo. Oreos are the world's best selling cookie. They can be found in more than 100 contries


Oreos have the crispy cookies and the soft smoothie cream that is perfect together. Some people like one part better that the other. Some people have a tradition on how they eat there Oreos. Every single Oreo eater has their way of eating the Oreo.

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Some flavors from around the world

Oreo trio chocolate ,Oreo cookies and cream, double stuff, dark fudge, white fudge strawberry, blueberry ice cream, orange ice cream, gingerbread ,golden ,lemon twist candycane, candy corn, DQ blizzard, rainbow sherbet ,birthday cake ,Creamsicle,watermelon, banana split , mega stuff ,caramel apple, limeade ,root beer float,fruit punch ,pumpkin spice , peanut butter cup ,marshmallow cookie dough, red velvet ,Smore's .
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The Oreo