Sitting Bull

Defender of Black Hills

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Young Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull was a Sioux. He was also born in South Dakota. When he was little Sitting bulls name was actually Jumping badger. Jumping Badger was already a skilled warrior

Native American Chief

Sitting bull was a Native american Chief who took a stand to try to stop white settlers from invading his territory and to protect his people
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Battle of Little Bighorn

On June 26,1876 was the Battle of Little Bighorn. Custer under estimated the number of Native Americans. Because of this The Native Americans won this battle. The reason this battle took place is because to the Sioux did not meet the deadline to move to reservations.

To Canada

Because Sitting Bull won the battle of Little Bighorn the white man then wanted to strike back harder.Sitting Bull had to protect his people so he went to Canada with his people for four years.


After Sitting Bull returned he gave many talks. Sitting Bull saw allot of poverty. One famous quote he said was, "I would rather die an Indian than live a white man."
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Sitting Bull was Killed because police thought Sitting Bull would have too much of an influence on people. As the police dragged Sitting Bull out of his home it started a gun Fight and Sitting Bull Died.

Legacy lives on

Because of Sitting Bull the Sioux Survived and are still being passed on today

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