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May 25, 2021

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We did it!

I am so proud of all our Panthers! We knew this year was going to be a hard one, and we all got through it…. we did hard things all year long. I remember reading I Can Do Hard Things to all of our students at the beginning of the year, virtually of course, because everyone was still at home learning remotely. The message of the book could not have been truer. “Hard things can be about the things we think, feel, say or do. What is hard for me may not be hard for you. You are you, and I am me. We walk through the world differently.” ~Gabi Garcia

We all felt challenged this year and we faced it head on, we never gave up! The growth that we saw is truly incredible and proves how resilient we are! We saw this growth both academically and socially. It is because of the support our students have from their families, friends, and teachers that truly made the difference. Thank you!

We wish our 5th graders the best of luck as they embark on a new adventure in Middle School! We will really miss you!

Please check out the pictures below to take a look at how we have been celebrating the year!

Thanks for your never-ending support!

Amy Lemons


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Congratulations Former Panthers

We are so excited that we got to celebrate so many past Panthers who are graduating from Alpharetta High School tomorrow!
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Upcoming Events

May 26th- 5th Grade Promotion 9am/Last Day of School

August 9th-First Day of School

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Student Celebrations!

Bhavya Susarla, 3rd Grader has received the ‘Guinness World Records’ Certificate of Participation for the most people chanting online Sri Hanuman Chalisa Parayan, organized by SiliconAndhra (USA) in the month of November, 2020.
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New Prospect Students win 3rd place in the State of Georgia for Video Production!

We had several amazing entries into the Fulton Technology Competition and some Fulton County School District winners…

1st Place- Ella Seigel and Audrey Gardner, 4th grade – Video Production: “Pros and Cons and Differences of Virtual and Face to Face School”

2nd Place- Estefania Paez, 4th grade- Video Production: “How to Make an Apple Cake”

1st Place- Digital Photo Production: Brock Smith, 5th grade

3rd Place- Digital Photo Production: Kayla Ogden, 5th grade

Ella and Audrey’s project went on to the State competition to represent Fulton County in Video Production for grades 3 and 4. They won 3rd place in the state of Georgia! We are so proud of their accomplishment and we’d love to share their winning video with you… Enjoy!

Volunteer Needed

Mrs. Dennis in the Media Center is looking for a volunteer who is good at woodworking to build a small box shaped like a house with a hinged door and a roof… if you or any NPE grandparents are willing and able to volunteer for this project over the summer please reach out to Mrs. Dennis for details!

The box will be approx.. 30 inches square.

Healthy Habits Coloring Book for New Prospect Elementary School

As summer is approaching soon, this is the perfect opportunity for kids to have much-needed stress relief. Summer is also a great time for encouraging healthy habits among kids. Healthy habits are essential for the wellbeing of children; research proves that healthy choices reduces future health problems, improves cognitive function, and much more.

In order to help children release anxiety during the summers while having fun in the sun, I have designed and created a newly-themed coloring book with unique and creative illustrations. The book focuses on the theme of Healthy Habits, highlighting healthy habits that kids should develop, such as hand-washing, brushing teeth, sun safety, bike safety, and getting a good night's sleep. The book features a bubbly poem, as well as colorable illustrations meant for children to exercise their creativity on. It includes cute and funny kid characters and designs that will inspire kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially as they get out towards summer break.

The book is at no cost, as a token of appreciation towards my community. The pages of the book can be easily printed and distributed to the children or it can be sent to the parents via school newsletter. Children will have a great time coloring the pages and at the same time learning how to stay healthy and happy.

Happy Coloring!

Ashi Jain

Junior at Fulton Science Academy High School, Alpharetta, GA.

Final FCS Summer Learning Promo

Summer Resources

Hello Families!

There are multiple resources available to you as all this summer to keep the learning going!

Summer Reading Challenge:

*at the bottom is the link to multiple free digital reading resources

Summer ELA Learning Resources:

*Lots of great free online resources!

Greg Tang Math Summer Challenge:

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Summer Reading List

The Fulton County Schools Summer Reading List is available here

In order to give more students access to books this summer, we will feature materials that are available on our online ebook platform, SORA, for the Elementary Chapter, Middle and High School summer reading lists.

We encourage students to explore these optional book selections below chosen by our Media Services Department so that they might benefit in the joy of reading over the summer.


Download the free SORA app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto your mobile device. Open SORA and search for "Fulton County Schools". Sign in using your FCS username and password.


Sign into Classlink with your FCS username and password.

Click on the SORA icon.

Happy Reading!!

Sandi H. Dennis, METI

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Have Feedback that you want heard?

Each month the School Governance Council meets to discuss and plan to make NPE the best school around. If you would like to submit feedback to the Council to add to their planning and discussion, please submit that feedback below.