The Kind of Friends We Used to Be

By: Frances o'roark Dowell


The Kind of Friends We Used to Be, is a book about two girls, Marylin and Kate. Kate and Marylin have been friends forever, but now they are starting to realize they are very different. In the book the girls are starting middle school. Marylin tries to find who she really is and where she belongs. As a middle school cheerleader, Marylin is being influenced by the other cheerleaders what to do and who to be. Kate is a guitar player who is finding that what you do can decide who your friends are. In this book these two wonder if their bond can hold.


Marylin- A middle school cheerleader who is influenced by other people and is trying to find who she is. Marylin is always upbeat and confident.

Kate- Kate is laid back and isn't afraid to express herself. Kate is very creative and athletic.

Mazie-other middle school cheerleader who is unfair and demanding. She forces Marylin to do things she doesn't want to.

Matthew- Middle school poet and guitar player. Matthew expresses himself through writing.

Flannery- Flannery plays guitars and slowly becomes better friends with Kate. Flannery is outgoing and creative.

Rhetta- Rhetta is a artist who expresses herself through drawings. Rhetta is very imaginative and artsy.

Important scenes

1. Kate decided that she wanted to play guitar. This was a change in her life. It completely changed her personality and interests. Kate met new people and created new friendships because she decided to play the guitar.

2. At Marylins back to school party it shows where Kate and Marylins friendship stands. Kate leaves the party because she feels she didn't belong. Marylin didn't even notice she was gone.

3. Marylin decides to call Kate. After talking Marylin asks Kate to be her campaign manager for student government. Marylin went against Mazie when she asked her that. When they talked to them it seemed like the old times when it wasn't hard for them to be friends.

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