Google Docs

September 25, 2017

Response to Staff Meeting

Good morning!

Pat Leffers shared with me that several staff members are feeling a lack of confidence when it comes to Google Docs. To help build your confidence with Docs I've decided to implement a two part plan.

First, I created the video below. It contains 9 separate sections over commonly used skills within Google Docs. There is a scrolling table of contents at the beginning of the video. The times listed correspond to where that section is located in the video. The table should help you navigate to the sections of the video that pertain to your needs.

Second, I would encourage you to email me any questions you still have about Google Docs. In a week, I will take those questions and create a second video with the answers. Ideally, everyone will have their additional questions answered moving forward. Plus, you can refer back to the videos if you ever forget how to perform a certain task while using Docs.

Keep in mind, you don't have to watch the video if you don't need any additional information regarding Google Docs. I have tried to share the information in a way that everyone can get what they need. As always, if after the second video you run into an issue or have an idea, you are welcome to email me. I will schedule a time with you to work on a solution.

Thanks again Pat for sharing this concern with me!