Culture Notes

Paige Bradford

Note Culturelle #1

It is customary for guests to bring a gift when they are invited to a meal in a French home. Candy and flowers (except for chrysanthemums) are accepted. When talking at the dinner table avoid topics such as someones age, profession, salary, or political affiliation.

Note Culturelle #2

When you compliment someone's home/possessions you would respond as if someone complimented on your appearance. You would use responses such as Tu trouves? C'est vrai? Vraiment? or C'est gentil!

Note Culturelle #3

Notre-Dame de Chatres is one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals and was built in the thirteenth century on a site where a cathedral had since stood since the sixth century. There are different towers such as the Romanesque tower on the left and the ornate Gothic tower on the right. Chartes still has most of its original stained-glass windows which are famous for their rich colors. The cathedral includes the flying buttresses, size, and light-filled interior illustrate the Gothic instruction.