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The Morning NEWS for Monday, January 3, 2022

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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Here's hoping you and your family had a marvelous winter break!
  • Today is a day 6
  • As you know, before the winter break, it was announced that our weekly schedule would be changing. Starting today - Monday, January 3 - school will be in session from Monday through Friday. The daily timetable has changed as well, with the school day beginning @ 7:40 AM and ending @ 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, school will begin @ 7:40 and end @ 12:00. A copy of the new timetable can be found embedded in the Daily Cup announcements and the new schedule will also be posted throughout the MS & HS
  • A newsletter was shared with all parents on Sunday outlining some of the updated COVID restrictions. Those restrictions include: NO after school activities - including tutoring and athletics, no field trips, and no assemblies. The cafeteria will be closed for at least the next 2 weeks and there will be no food or water available for purchase on the campus during this time. Students will need to bring their lunch from home. The cafeteria will be available for students to sit during both the morning break and the lunch time, but students keep a social distance. Students must wear masks at all times. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.
  • Students and parents are reminded to communicate with Dunecrest Attendance and the Secondary School office when a student is unable to attend school due to a positive COVID test, or because of close contact with someone who has tested positive. Students who are unable to be on campus due to COVID, will have access to Zoom lessons beginning Tuesday, January 4.
  • Students should note that some of our teachers have now tested positive for COVID or have had close contact and are unable to be at school. In most cases, the teachers who are unable to be on our campus will be hosting their lessons via Zoom and the links will be shared directly with the students if necessary.
  • (PATCAST). Please stand for the playing of the UAE National Anthem

Happy Birthday!!!!

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Calendar Items

  • January 3, 2022: 1st day of school in the New Year!! DAY 6
  • February 4: Last day of quarter 2/semester 1
  • February 7: First day of quarter 3/semester 2

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The UAE National Anthem

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES NATIONAL ANTHEM - "Ishy Bilady" عيشي بلادي - النشيد الوطني الاماراتي