PCHC Spotlight

January 2015

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Reminders, News and Events:


  • 18 - AACPS Closed - Martin Luther King Day (PCHC Open)

  • 19-22 - AACPS - two hour early dismissal

  • 25-26 - AACPS closed (PCHC open)

  • 25 - Two’s, Three’s and Four’s Assessments due
  • Summer Camp Sign up coming soon! Watch for details....

Happy Birthday! - December Birthdays

Avery J.

Jacob W.

Ryan R.

Brody D.

Erik C.

Nolan B.

Evan B.

Bryce W.

Autumn R.

Classroom Updates

Infants - Angel Fish and Star Fish

A - The theme for January is "Let it Snow" and "Arctic Animals". For the first two weeks we will be learning about Winter weather and the last two weeks we will learn about arctic animals. Our core sounds for the month will be "Ma" and "Da" and our sign language word for the month will be "Cold".

Some of the activities we will be doing this month are dressing for the snow, rolling in snow piles, waddle like a penguin, and a cotton ball polar bear.

We are very excited to start this new year with fun activities and lots of learning! We will also have our own spirit week in the infant classroom on January 11 through January 15:

  • Monday - Pajama Day

  • Tuesday - Fairy Tale Day

  • Wednesday - 80's Day

  • Thursday - Mix Match Day

  • Friday - Jersey Day

We can't wait to see everyone participating in our spirit week!

Happy New Year!

B - Happy New Year! We are excited to be kicking off another great year. For January, we will focus on learning about the New Year. We look forward to seeing our children continue to progress. We will have a Spirit Week from January 11 - 15 so watch for details in our classroom so that your child can participate.

Our core sounds for the month of January are "La" and "Ma" and our sign language words for the month are "Yes" and "No." Thanks for spending another awesome month with our friends and teachers in the infant room!

Ms. Kaitlynn & Ms. Liza – Infant A

Ms. Annmarie & Ms. Bre – Infant B

Toddlers - Manatees

The month of January brings new beginnings. Our theme for January is Winter's Cold. We will be reading "A Silly Snowy Day" and "Biscuits Snow Day". Our color of the month is the color blue. We will be exploring the many shades of blue by working with paints, crayons, paper and felt. As a group we will be exploring open and close, hot and cold, and you and me. Our letter of the month is "B". We will explore "B" by reading books and sharing items around the room that start with the letter "B".

Happy New Year from the Terrific Toddlers.

Ms. Cheryl

Twos - Lion Fish

The twos classroom is happy to welcome January and a new year! This month we will focus on letters Aa and Bb - capital and lowercase. Our numbers will be 1 and 2 and we will work on the colors orange and red. We will also review all of our shapes and focus specifically on the circle and triangle. We will have lots of fun in the month of January with our numbers, colors and shapes and will complete lots of activities to help reinforce what we are learning in the classroom.

We will also talk about clothes this month. We will talk about what we wear in the different seasons, especially winter and summer. We will also talk about how the weather affects what we put on.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!

Ms. Jenni and Ms. Ashley E.

Threes - Clown Fish

Welcome back after all of the holiday celebrating. To begin we will be starting a four week unit on clothing. We will explore many topics including what we know about clothes, what we want to find out about clothing, we will talk about the features of clothes, how we take proper care of clothing, what clothes are made out of, and we will conclude with why people may wear special clothing.

We will conduct several large group actives including a memory game to identify types of clothing. We will also explore different sizes. We will do small group activities like weaving a loom, a clothing hunt, and wear your favorite clothes to school.

Some books of interest for this unit are "Capes for Sale", "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", "Button Button Who’s Got the Button", and "Llama Llama red pajamas".

Ms. Kim and Ms. Tiffani (substitute teacher)

Fours - Sharks

Welcome to the New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. As life is getting back to normal, we will also be getting back into our normal routine. We will continue to focus on clothing as our area of study. This month we will be talking about uniforms and people and places in our neighborhoods i.e.: grocery stores, fire departments, doctors’ offices and other local places we might see uniforms being worn. If you have uniform related items that you would like to donate to our classroom, we would love to have them!

We will also be continuing to practice fine motor skills needed to zipper, snap and lace clothing. Along with fine motor skills we will be reviewing letter sounds, upper/ lowercase and numbers 1-10.

A friendly reminder - even though the weather has grown colder, we still try to venture outside when possible, even if it is only for a few minutes. Please remind your child winter coats, hats and gloves will be needed daily.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask us. As always we hope to be as helpful as possible.

Ms. Alicia, Ms. Mellissa

School Age - Homework Center

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We are so excited to be starting 2016 with your families! To ring in the New Year, the school agers listed all of the things they want to accomplish in 2016. From “go on a Disney cruise” to “get into the Avid program”, our school agers will sure be busy this year! Be sure to check out the rest of the New Year’s goals we have displayed in our classroom. We will be talking about the solar system this month, creating exciting art projects and conducting science experiments as well.

The classroom routine will continue this year just as it did last year. When the children arrive from school, they will have snack, complete their homework, and proceed with the classroom activities for the day. Please remind your children to clean out their cubbies every Friday! It is important that they take all of their belongings home every week. Things such as extra clothes and sealed snacks are welcome to stay!

We are looking forward to an awesome year with you! Have a safe and happy New Year!

Ms. Jenni, Ms. Tiffani and Ms. Alexis

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